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Has been a mass shooting in Richmond, Virginia this morning, four men and two women were shot two of the victims at life threatening injuries. Police say an officer her gunshots around three 30 a.m. near and after hours club, no one has been arrested, but police say there's no threat to the public. Embattled school police chief Pete arradondo is resigning from the Yuval di city council. Reports. While this school district police chief, Pete arredondo is off the city council, redondo riding in a resignation letter, it is in the best interest of the community to step down to minimize further distractions. Paradox was sworn into the role on May 31st, which was less than a week after the May 24th massacre at rob elementary that claimed the lives of 19 students and two teachers, his face heavy criticism over the delayed police response to the shooting after saying he didn't believe he was in charge. Gas prices are down according to triple-A to four 80 a gallon today. How Michael castner. And dog did his Pellegrini in the Bloomberg newsroom. U.S. stock futures are pointing to a lower open on Wall Street tomorrow as recession concerned swirl. Former treasury secretary Larry summers among those thinking, we may already be in one. People often say it's a recession when you have two quarters of negative GDP growth in a row. And there's, I think, probably close to a 50 50 chance. Maybe it's a bit less than that, that we've had two negative quarters in a row. And summers with us there on Wall Street week heard here on Bloomberg radio. Gains for stocks in Europe this hour, London, Switzer up more than 1% in Paris that kept not too far behind and in Germany the Dax also solidly higher. If you're on a tax break for an electric vehicle, listen up Toyota has used up a key tax credit or from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. Denise, it is a milestone that the automaker says will raise its costs and hinder adoption of climate friendly cars. The company said it sold 3876 plugin hybrid and electric cars in June, the U.S. allows automakers to offer a $7500 tax credit to buyers of fully or partly electric cars, but only up to 200,000 per company. Denise. All right, thank you, Charlie. And

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