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That was tough stuff to you because i think once you fall in love with ruth as a viewer you just want some goodness for her and she finally gets it and then like at times. We were joking around. We were like. Why is alan ball. Hate the fishers like it was so terrible to see that slip away. And then i guess it was season three when she I mean season three is a whole was was a tough experience to get through especially that season. Three finale really tested the limits. i think of What an audience member can can take in some ways. Remind me what the season three. Finale allie was cheese. I mean i. I might start crying thinking about it Lisa's death is confirmed. Right right right right Claire meets her Her her baby and heaven who leases taking care of now. Right and nate goes to brenda adler fight and has asked in the bar. Just the most destructive self destructive behavior is engaging in dangerous but there's That's when ruth and george decide to get married right and so i'm kinda leads me to a question which is finding the right balance in a show where you know. Admittedly a lot of really tough stuff happens to people that you have made viewers love and then throwing in nuggets of hope here and there like. How did you work on that balance again. It's not very conscious. It's just i just sort of trust in my instincts about what felt right. I had some i. The writer's room on six feet under was so great. It was such a great room it was such it was so great to be a part of such a collaborative process with these really Gifted and smart and interesting people but there was there was always People were pitching. Pretty nihilistic thing and i found myself being the one who was like no. We can't do that. We can't do you know are there are there was even a pitch That the last season would there would be a nuclear strike in it would take place. In like post apocalyptic wasteland. And i was too much. We can't do Yeah i just sort of trust my instincts. it's like I also tried to keep the show as funny as it could be right In to sort of balance. That stuff out because i feel like in life humor is part of what helps us deal with tragedy and trauma and all the horrible things that have happened and are happening and will happen. Yeah i think a lot of that came a lot of the humor and a lot of this third. The break from some of the tough stuff happened with the fantasy sequences and that's really a very unique part of that show. Win was that born was at sort of in your plans from the beginning. Yeah i it was I think you know there. Were i think probably because that was the first major thing i wrote after american beauty fantasy sequences in american beauty right and And i and there were fantasy sequences in the pilot of six feet under Just the fact that nathaniel was there talking to people Those were definitely fantasy sequences. I never we never intended that to be like. Oh he's a ghost and he's actually talked. It was just like a it was a metaphor for conversations that the non did characters were having in their head right with him There's that great sequence. Where nate imagine getting hit by the bus And he goes through the you know he dies and goes towards the light and get sucked through the tunnel in two aiko weird poker game whereas playing poker naked. And it's like do you mind so much stuff in the fantasy sequences the of course the weirdest one David's egg donation with the demon baby. Puff it actually go out there and crazy. It was just not what at the the reason it happened. That way is because lauren was doing a she had she was either doing some time on a movie. Years was in a player. Something was unavailable and so we. That's why we decided like well. What if we have a weird claire puppet. Yeah behind the scenes nuts and bolts. Necessity is the mother of invention episode With richard jenkins such a beloved actor and given his role on. This show is sort of this. This know sage that would wander in and out. What was it like when he popped on to set. You know For his brief periods Was that a lot of fun. When when he came around as far as the rest of the cast and crew first of all. He's a total sweetheart. Yeah he's such a nice man and he's got an he's just beloved beloved and with good reason. I was always happy when he was there. Because i got to hang out with him a little bit. Yeah because he's one of those people who just he's doing it for all the right reasons. You know what i mean. He's not he just and he was involved with the theater company. Back in I don't know if it's delaware maryland but He's just such a deer kind incredibly talented Person so i loved. I loved it whenever he would show up. It was a great cast. I mean it was really a great cast. And and everybody really. I think at the time we knew on some level how special the experience that we were being allowed to have was but nobody ever paid too much articulated that too much. because i think it's nobody wanted to jinx it. But i think you know for five years to really enjoy going to work into and to never really haven't experienced like. Oh you got to do this again. is pretty.

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