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There's been search attention pay to all the book on Tom Brady is to pressure. And then, you know. No crap you know, creation sort of obvious retort, which is what quarterback doesn't struggle with pressure. But I'll I'll try to give you one here, and that's ally minute because if you watch what for example, the saints did at times against them. They would just rush three. There's a real need to pressure. You were not really worried about that. We want to take away your throwing lines. And there were a number of times they dropped aid into coverage. And there was just nowhere to go with the football. And there was a plane that game whereas third and eight situation, maybe thirty nine situation the ones drops aid. He ends up throwing a shallow crosser to Odal Beckham. That's two yards down field. And now he's gonna get past eight defenders to pick up this third lawn. It's a no go situation and even on that play. He had a crow. Rub. It was open deep near the sticks that he could have probably throw it. But because he dropped aid. He just for whatever reason pulled it down through that shallow crosser the eight-man drug seemed to give him trouble at times. And so I'm. Curious to see if she Schwartz's forget pressuring him. Forget double guys, which is gonna spot drop. Eight say, look, maybe you'll figure something out here. But from what I've seen on tape. You might not. And that's interesting because they did use some eight-man coverages with three men Russia's against drew Brees. And Jim Schwarz's a big proponent of. When he builds a pass rush plan. He's looking at your K where does a quarterback escaped to do. We care if he escapes what we wanna do to him. So I'm interested to see the blitz. Packages are the Russ packages that he puts together for Eli. Because I mean, you can let you lie there, and you can keep everything in front, and then rallied to the football, which is definitely more line with Jim swertz this year. So Mark overall you look at these quarterbacks, and I know you kinda tear these quarterback groups throughout the season, and as you stack these where does he li- land with how he has played this year. I mean, I think he still if you're looking at say five tiers of quarterbacks we've got no your your top three four five. You're breeze. Iraj? Gers your Brady, you know, Wilson's you guys. Go those got those guys the top. Then your next year's like your Mahomes, your offs, the the winces the guys that are on the cost, and then that sort of middle tier of, you know, maybe Trubisky. A Mario two of the guys that you still try to sort of figure out then tier fours guys that are on the downward track. Like your flag goes, I think that's where you put Eli men. And even though he's had this recent success because beat it up on the forty Niners and beaten up on the box. That's nice in all look and decent over the past couple of weeks as good seeing like they're starting to get a bit of an identity as you said as an offense. That's nice. But we know where this is going for the New York Giants, we know that this is, you know, allies last ride, you know, he and Harris Wailer and the rest of the boys are not trying to make one last run. At Dutch is going to get them that goal that they need. But still the end is in sight. And I think that when you look at ally man and right now, I still think where he is a quarterback. And who is a quarterback is the guy we saw at least one for eight and not tenth through love. So it's time for my historical reference. Governor transition there..

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