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Time they come out there on the defensive end. 10 turnovers for Temple. Yeah, the cat's air, their active and they're doing what they can and co chair. Mickey is really upset because he knows this is their change that they ever going to be the team in the league and beat Cincinnati. There's six in a row. They have lost to the bear cats. If they're ever going to beat the bad guys, this is the time they're gonna be them. 5 12 left in the half. It'll be Cincinnati's ball after forcing the 32nd violation for turnover number 10 the bear Cats have committed five Keith Williams inbounds in the backcourt to David Did, Julius and the junior from Michigan will dribble into the front court for the Bear Cats. Here's Eastern outside the arc, right, Tari bouncing it on the wing for Jeremiah Davenport now Williams 43 keep shot No good. Rebounded by Divx, Andre Perry. Jeremiah Williams dribbles into the front court for Temple Julius Defense. Williams pounding nails with right hand dribble now beginning to drive toward the three point line into the corner for an open three battle, missed it. Rebounded by the Julius Long lead feet caught on the run. Mike Adams Woods into traffic kicks it back to Davenport and he drills a three point shot, and he was floating to the right. But he loved that catch and shoot. He's a great spot up shooter. Eight straight points for Cincinnati. In the Bear Cats have a 22 to 19 lead for 22 remaining in the half. They left battle to dive. Andre Perry, dribbling along the three point line. Hands it backward for Berry, Cincinnati calling for a travel No whistle Mormon. Now, with the lefty dribble turns to face Davenport passes to bury outside the Arctic Mike Adams Woods with excellent de berry trying to get off a shot. It got blocked and Cincinnati comes up with a loose ball to Julius, weaving through traffic to the lefty. Finger roll is good, and Cincinnati has scored 10 in a row to take a five point lead, jumped off the left leg. Put Shut up with the right hand, then switched it over to the left. Used the right as a guard and extended that left hand off the glass and the cats of coming out looking like the cats of old 10 points in the first half for David to Julius, and we have a time out with 3 56. Left in the half The score Cincinnati 24 Temple 19. This is Bear Cat basketball. Presented by Ukraine News radio 700.

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