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So the deal is they've been okay connection here they in the routers kind of buried in a closet. They have an elaborate at kind of an older apple TV that was on a wire and I thought, I, I wonder if I could do this. The problem with the wireless connection would have to be close to it. And you know how Skype is two hours and you're on wifi, it's not working great. Yep. I was like if there's any way I could get on the wire, I was I sort of thought it'd have to lay on the floor because I didn't think pulled right out of the wall. I got like four feet of it out of the wall, and that was a great. So I set up a little table with the laptop and everything. I the the problem with outside is I, I be too far. You know, it just would never connection out there. Also it's trivia could survive or something. Yeah, face the window, maybe that'll TV it would be the right extra brightness, although is it. Revert, Mike and chat is really interested in this new version of windows weekly from Bram Stoker. So. The ghost faced version of, yes. It's something happened to me. I feel different from back to us. Paul, we've lost. I know you can barely see you. You're just like a little outline of a face. Years ago we did this. I was in Germany. It was the same kind of affect like, you could see. If you look back at this show, you'll see it gets darker, you know, kind of 'cause you know, it's a little bright and I'm like, oh, don't worry about that. That's going away. Yeah, take take an average of the episode, different samples throughout the episode. Right, right, right. Back to mid show, it's probably perfect lighting. What is the mean? Lighting? What is the average? Yeah, figured out you guys thank you for allowing me to crash your party this week. I really appreciate it. A lot of fun. Thanks. Great. You bet. I'm Mary Jo Foley all about Microsoft dot com. News scoops everything you need. They're all about Microsoft dot com. And at Mary j Foley on Twitter..

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