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Catch him six georgia from the left hash. Mark hi shotgun snap is back. Etr pigs zone over the middle. It's caught at the thirty yard line to the twenty five of the twenty two goes kyle. He's still on his face. He breaking tackles could be funded. The opening weekend college football included five matchups teams ranked in the top twenty five the most during september weekend since two thousand six ranked teams went twelve and three against unranked teams worst marked by ranked teams against unranked opponents during the opening weekend since two thousand five courtesy learfield sports and the mothership play of the day brought to you by 'em dry fight back against aging supplement for driven guys that supports healthy testosterone levels energy and lean muscle visit him. Dr dan dot com for twenty percent off with promo code. Dan don't let age chew refund. Your prime with him dr. kansas state over stanford was one of those. Where i go wait. I think they got that score upside down. Kansas state roughed up stanford. There's always a few that opening weekend where you go and that was one of those things that make you go Zack martin test positive for cova nineteen. He won't play in the season opener for the cowboys against the buccaneers. He is as ezekiel elliott. Said their best offense who player so you got a third year player connor mcgovern. Who will fill in for zack. Martin and a he won't play. I don't know if there are any other players with the cowboys who Mclovin yeah brandon knight. Backup guard okay. He was also added to the covert list. She gotta know about this. Because it's going to affect your team or maybe the team that is playing your team. Unvaccinated players who test positive for covert or out and away from the team for ten days. No wiggle room unvaccinated. Who test positive out. Have to stay away from the team. For ten days no exception unvaccinated players who are deemed close contacts with covert positive. People are out in a way from the team. For five days no exceptions all vaccinated players will be tested every seven days and once more per week if they choose weekly testing for the vaccinated will occur either monday tuesday or wednesday and will include all coaches and team officials who have close contact with players vaccinated players who test positive can rejoin the team if a symptomatic by testing negative twice in tests separated by twenty four hours. So if you're vaccinated you test positive and then you come back the next day not feeling any symptoms. You get tested each day. The first time that you have to consecutive negative tests than you're allowed to be a full participant in team activities the players have to get the approval of both chief. Medical officer allan sills and the teams infection control officer vaccinated players who are deemed close contacts with kobe. Positive people are not pulled out of team activities. They're subject to daily testing and can stay as full participants and team activities and games get used to it at least first couple of weeks. You've got some marquee players you know carson wentz says you know keeps me up at night not sure what to do. He's not been vaccinated club so we were just florida was tweeting out. That zack martin could possibly have cue negative task between now and gametime so according to the team. There's a slight chance he plays but it looks very unlikely. Okay which means he's probably vaccinate. Yup i wonder coaches will be treated any differently. Let's say remember. When nick sabin had last year people are wondering could he coach press box or he could have been a different spot. I wonder if it was a tight situation this week. Sixteen or playoff coach gets it and he's vaccinated or whatever mimi could they pop them in a press box and have non-contact well lane kiffin didn't get to coach last night. I was a little surprised. I thought maybe they would allow him to be on the property or something. John washington best. And worst of the weekend john woody have was a husky was to montana and the best. Is you totally beating. Lsu all right. Well thank you john. Yeah that was another one where you washington lost to wyoming john montana. John really sounded down. And it looks like we're the weekend really affected not only ranked again gals stole my best of the weekend. The grizz montana over that was one of those where you go. How ten okay. Kansas state over stanford kinda messed up my best of the weekend. Because i was deliberately gonna steal that for paul just so i could get the reaction to my grizzlies winning and now the whole bits. Yes mclovin i already was gonna do. South dakota state to get polly's be option to you. Guys are assassins. Yeah well we know your go. To's one early yeah yes. There's some quarterback threw ten touchdowns. I thought he was going for sure. Use that and i was ready to steal that one. That's a quarterback who transferred from michigan. Who's playing for presbyterian. Mom that is so ten touchdown w for presbyterian paul. You got two more hours. You can't leave plus currently right now on his fourth best option. I think if you think. This is joe. I have on this piece of paper. Radio presbyterian a michigan transfer ten touchdowns raider joe in california. Hi raider joe. Hey guys how much for taking my call. Your best of the weekend is to definitely be k. J. right come into my raiders. Thank goodness for the outside linebacker. Position and worse was waving tanner muse. Hopefully he.

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