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Twenty pm starts shooting. He's dressed in all black as described they say thirty shots from a pistol. Also went our smoke grenades. One hundred people inside the bar Tyler Spady was there. We spoke to him that interview is at WIBC dot com. Make sure to give a listen and share it. He was there actually looked at the gunman who was pointing in his direction jumped over a wall got into the kitchen was able to escape through the kitchen helped some other. Attendees of the bars. Some some women jump over a wall to then run to safety looking in a neighborhood for a house to take them in. It's an incredible story. It's act WABC dot com. Twelve people dead the gunman himself, we believe himself dead. We don't yet have a motive. We don't know how the gunman was killed. We do know that there is a a police officer twenty nine year veteran who was killed. As well as he entered the. Entered the bar. We'll have more on this coming up. But I want to get to this. Tweet a day banger is with journal courier. And and and I happen to like his writing. I I'm not all his politics. But that that's fine. But I happen to like his writing. He might disagree with me on some things totally fine with that. And it was Marco Rubio, the Senator from Florida who talking about Jim Acosta said I don't think they should revoke his White House pass revoking press access for being rude is a very slippery slope. But the White House passes to cover the news not make yourself. The news this tweet and his behavior is not what you is. What you expect from an activist not a journalist, and he's talking about Jim Acosta who wrote don't believe the lies coming from the White House believe in our freedoms. Thank you all for your support. We won't back down. And I wrote that they should revoke his White House pass. And Dave wrote dang Tony GATS. And I basically explains as as. As as clearly as as I could. That two things the revoking of Jim Acosta's press pass. The reporter from CNN is not an assault on you or me meaning him and me as as people in media him. A reporter me me doing commentary, nor is it on the freedom of the press. The White House can state that the way they're people were handled the way he treated his White House aide wage trade the president was unacceptable as they did about. For example, Corey Lewin, douse key when he was the campaign manager for Trump and Michelle fields issue. Remember that Michelle fields complain that Lewin, douse guy, grabs her arm. And I thought at the time. Okay. I have been a lot of scrums with the press people do get jostled around. I didn't see it as a big deal. When the White House aide. Not the press scrum, but a press conference and the White House aide is there to take the micro and that's their job and you push back on that. Whether you do it at a live event where I've seen people do that before you do it. And you do it at the White House that is rude and that can be seen as a promise. Specially when you're pushing somebody aside. So these the context is a little different there. But they can decide that you know, what they're gonna they're gonna hold it to the Lindau standard, and they're going to revoke access. My other point is that the press shows up the press reports, the press spoke can expose lies and missteps with the administration all fair game and their job. I support the job would I do not support is Jim Acosta lecturing the president refusing to give up a microphone or pushing aside White House aide. I don't support those things. Jim Rebecca said, okay. Appreciate you. Explain. I mean, Debra back my day banger. I I like writes up there journal courier. You. Should you should give his stuff a read? We've got updates on all of the things there is a lot going on. But what happens to Tucker Carlson? That's got my attention because that. That's the future for guys like me. This phone drives me crazy, excuse me, sprinter and from sprint chairman. New iphone ten are with an amazing liquid intas.

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