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You are the only player in nfl history to score a touchdown against all thirty two nfl teams you're the oldest player to have two guards from scrimmage in a game at the age of thirty six and i always was taught i was a voter for six years i was taught that if you can't write the history of the game without that player then he belongs in all fame and i can say honestly as any objective person would you can't write history of football without you you're still abrasions all that you brought all the controversies all the good old bit older production all the teams you're were part of that football history so you belong in the pro football fame and by the way on a separate note i would just say this the best thing that you could do to says too guys it's going to be my fillon when we can't get gas you should never say you should never say anything about that you just you let your production speak for sell you don't have to say anything in the future about any that to you i'm just telling you right now okay i do want to ask you this what was your favorite city an organization to play in in four two hour amid at the toronto between fairly and and and dallas and i say that because my skillset update what are brought to the table my value really my play make an ability is really what enable those guys to to pull the trigger to bring me to took really uh based on that i was the added peace you know uh to get into the championship war wh you know winning a super bowl if almost equivalent to what's going on with with free agent basketball in a free agency these guys are trying to fine pieces to the puzzle to get them to the to get them over the hump see what houston just did with with chris paul and there's going to be some other uh other surprising i'm sure free agency move but when i went over to to.

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