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Virginia. Why do you think I have picked a third team that I'm really excited about? I would pick Baylor and maybe Oklahoma state in terms of depth and talent. Yeah. What makes you Jay think that West Virginia, when they lose dudes and they lose culvert, what makes you think that they have a chance to be that next team? It's not Seth a thing where I'll list a bunch of players, so they got this this, this and this. It's more huggins, you know, like how many times have we talked about West Virginia? Well, you know, they lost this guy lost that guy. They're going to take a step back. And the next year, they came in and they were tougher and sometimes when West Virginia had more firepower, I haven't felt as good about them. And to me, when they get when they're Gritty and rebound and defend and make things really difficult, I usually like watching them better and I don't know. Bob huggins is a Hall of Famer. He's gonna be in there in the next when. The next next few years, I think. Because I think he's one of the best coaches I've ever watched. And he's an extraordinary person. I love being around him because he always keeps you on edge in one way or another. But amazing personality, but man, that dude can coach anything. You put him. If you were a swim coach, they would hear him underwater and swim faster. With West Virginia, I think a lot of it is going to depend on the health of I say, I could trail 16, two 40, pleased with this back to the basket towards Achilles tendon. I think it would be summer of last year and sometimes for bigs. That could be it can take a little while longer for you to get back to the place that you were, but for that team to take that next step, even with all of the players that they've lost, but I love ty Sherman through the flat out score. If portrayal is healthy, I agree with you that they can be in the top four of the big 12. Angry. This is a podcast, not a forever cast. Our movie Kelly is going to be that I'm going to give you to laugh and give you the last thing. I think balance can be just fine. James, Kendall. Yeah. He's going to be a perfect fit right there. We know that but finds his favorite player Matt Meyer. Let's go Matt Myers. That's this guy. I mean, he's going to score 8000 shots. Adam Flynn going they're not going anywhere. I mean, and I think Oklahoma state, there's going to be life after case. I really believe that I think that that team is deep and athletic, you know, they've got the cow boon kit. I think it's going to have a breakout here. I love is it likely just because it's toughness. I think the big 12 is going to be absolute, even though we say it's not as good as maybe it's been in the past. I think they're going to they're going to have a minimum of 5, maybe 60s and tournament. No question. And then, and plus, I mean, you know, they've got to take 68 teams, the power 5 are going to get a ton of teams in no matter what. But Porter mosers taken over at Oklahoma when lawn Kruger retired. He's got your mocha Gibson coming back and then Jordan goldwire transferred in from duke so gives him some defense at the point of attack. I think it's going to be really fun to watch how he builds that thing. Because I don't think they're going to be great this year. I don't think they're a tournament team. But watching how he builds it and how he brings those principles from Loyola all that Rick majer stuff. I think it will be really fun to watch..

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