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Broncos, Browns, NBC discussed on NFL Football - Browns at Broncos


Great talking again, rich continued success, and we'll have you on again soon. Appreciate it. Thanks so much for its McGuinness. Wow. This Brown's Broncos get the Browns had a fourth down and a foot on the Broncos ten yard line. A first down ends the game. And I saw one of the worst in all my years watching football that might be one of the worst play calls. I've ever seen a against an eight-man front with Baker Mayfield under center. They turned around and try to hand off that lost three yards and watching the replay there. The Broncos didn't have anybody with their nose on the center immediate quarterback. Sneak a thousand times out of a thousand their works and gets a first down when you need four hundred foot, and yet they turned around and tried to hand off and were stopped. But now the Browns just stopped the Broncos on fourth and ten with a sack of case keenum the game is over in the Browns are gonna win seventeen to sixteen and that's I talked about regularly coaching. That's why Vance Joseph. You don't kick a field goal when you're down four with four minutes. Left example, a. And it's gonna cost him his job. Stay Smith NBC sports radio, cbssportsradio dot com. Your NBC sports radio update starts now. Well after one thirty.

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