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Illegal for homeless people to sleep in a tunnel or bridge that is considered a school route it would further block encampments on bike and recreation pads homeless activists are planning to show up at city hall today in opposition to the new rules at city hall and rolling back KFI news Orange County supervisors are considering a stronger dose of rules for sober living homes the new ordinance creates a stiffer application process a six hundred fifty foot separation requirement between sober living facilities and a requirement that owner operators have more than one year of sobriety supervisor don Wagner says homeowners around these facilities have a right to be concerned the character of neighborhoods matters and our opportunity to protect them is something that this ordinance furthers he said the ordinance also protects people in sober living homes from being preyed upon by unscrupulous businesses when some people really are trying to get sober in Orange County court in Carson KFI news fox news has apologized to the Swedish teenage climate activists get Greta to bury for something a show guest said about her the pundit appearing on fox last night called to bury a mentally ill child mentally ill child who is being exploited by her parents and the left the sixteen year old is on the autism spectrum is dealt with OCD and depression but she calls her autism her super power fox news as the comment was disrespectful and has no plans to invite that pundit back the V. P. is broken a tradition more than a hundred years old vice president pence paid a visit to Mackinac Island Michigan and ticked off a lot of people there hence rolled his way to a hotel Saturday in an eighty S. U. V. motorcade the problem Mike in all island is one of a handful of places across the U. S. that does. not allow automobiles a complete ban of cars on the island was put in place in nineteen oh one after businessman Earl see Anthony took a car there and injured some horses and damaged several carriages fun fact Earl see Anthony was the founder of KFI in nineteen twenty two and only till is deaf in nineteen sixty one Michael crozier Hey if I knew from the clear choice dental.

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