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In it was inevitable but yes a yesterday and he pasta way but I was I don't know if he waited for me but he a managed to be that the very end so he was he got into hospice this week which was great into Dorothy House must be a plug to Dorothy house they are amazing amazing place and so I was very very lucky together him in the last six days and yeah so hasn't been okay well firstly look genuinely like really sorry to hear that news it we chatted about it before we started recording and you really honest Amelia Open and look something like the death of somebody really close to isn't something people talk about often and I want you know we chatted a little bit about this just like is this the right thing to start the show with you know it's like okay but this is what's happening every week American talk for the last ten years we've spoken about the things that been happening in in our lives really been really honest about those things that happen and you know and the biggest thing that's been happening in your life is that you've been Living at you know you'll dad's Kinda final days you know you've been there with him you without holding his hand and you know when he took his final breath and you know you said it was quite uncomfortable which I thought was really courageous yeah I just I don't I know how you're GonNa feel when you lose a parent or someone really tasty and And I thought actually probably being there who is GonNa be how I wanted to be but actually hus- really difficult I dow being there at the end I can I I feel like he's GonNa hold me now you know for like years because he wilson as much a really great place just seeing him Kazini Dead Class and before you go but seeing him might take his last few breasts and you know not looking how I remember is quite heart so that for me although I know you've single you know I'm sure it was good for him I don't know I don't really know is he was so poorly that those lasts of ours would just yeah horrible really hard work and yeah I don't really know what the best thing is I'm not sure if I feel I did want to be there now I'm sure it's really warm and it's been like twenty four hours I but I do know that he was in the right place in Kansas just a horrible cancer actually had as well and he fought it for two years it's really time he didn't have any treatment because he was too poorly when he was actually diagnosed treatments for him to actually last two years is incredible really but the last definitely the last few months have been particularly hard because of the way he was living as well my dad was my dad was a game he and he lived he loved he would love nothing more than just live in a city cop and in fact he did in the woods caravans is life so for him ada sort of hospital whistle clean and tidy and sterile was his wider whereas for me it was really hard for me calf him because I was carrying him every day in a place which I felt was in good place to be when you're really sick so so for me that was hard that's the hardest thing when I go in Washington toss this had such a sigh of relief and it was my God he's somewhere safe and I know the I'm not gonna I know that he's going to be safe but the only thing that I feel now is like this year has been really long year for me and lots of things have happened this year which happened stressful but I've been writing this rollercoaster adrenaline feel it now all the hours I've missed of sleep of suddenly just jumped on me overnight and I just feel Ossoli exhaust state and I'm sure that other people listeners will be saying yep is exactly how I felt when this happened so he's probably no big surprise but so now I just feel like it's like Kalisa cotton's forbid just take a few days to try and sleep but that's not like I think not before we started recording if you put yourself in your dad's shoes having somebody with you when you oh you're in the final days of your life we must be quite a reassuring thing because you it's quite an intimate experience to share with somebody you sharing effectively your you know your sharing death with someone and you know I'm not a kind of grief Cantzler I'm not an expert I know very little about it but I was you know it makes me sad to think that people die alone and people die will die in the UK in in hospices alone yeah every single day in hospice staff do such incredible jobs of being there but essentially there's no connection I am I think speaking at turn but I don't know any hospice staff you know I'm sure they create like personal bonds nothing really like you know it's that's your dad his daughter and I think when it's my time to die if there's any were you know if my door to is there that would make me feel more ts I hate that's the case me and my dad quite up and down relationship over the years but yeah that's the case and I guess I just have to hope that excape though to think that the yeah I don't know I mean I know that this dolphin the hospice all truly amazing and I have said the I definitely you know how you have people say oh I'm raising money for the charity my next marathon go you go that's good you think about it but actually it made me really think about it this time about being charity not have done before but not for charter that she really meant something you can see how it really means something now in view now dorothy house done what they've done and I see they get thirteen percent funding from the government as all the rest of it is through charity shops or people raising money or anything else other gifts they get so to keep the faces running in this place any has ten beds it costs them I think is at ten million a year and they and if they don't get that money than they won't spread stated so for me I'm definitely GonNa make I'm going to really change the way I'm Gonna I'm GonNa try and raise as much money as I can fourth house specifically for that Dorothy House as well give something back because what they do is incredible and like you say there's so many people that die unknown at home or in a home they didn't have anyone but these places aw so special and the staff and say incredibly kind so I want to thank you George the House yes I don't want to yeah well look we we did also talk to so that people know about you presenting show and whether you're comfortable to do that and you really wanted to do it so like it's good it's great to be honest and open and so thank you become an Alderman and doing it even though it's a difficult time just like tell us some things you mentioned to me that you went back to where you had some really fun memories of Your Dad so look let's just wrap up this kind of intro to the show with give us a couple of fond memories and say my memories I put something opponent scrimmage she thinks however mm being about him and so as I said I was lucky enough I was up on a farm in the mandates in the middle of nowhere that was yesterday strive to the places I was basically born and blow up a hadn't been back for a long time so for me back to that place it's like lovely Tom in the countryside and I will always remember my dad's so we would get to the end of the drive in is probably like maybe a mile drive to that farm and we'd get to the the sign reset peniel Pharma we lived and data from school and he would get out the call and I got the passenger door and then we'd swaps lights and I would get in the car and drive the car and this was from the age of forty seven and I would have like cushion on the and we bring the seat it and I would drive the call came at that every night after school and and then the other thing is I wish member Dad's going into the woods because he felt the pheasants awesome dusk and dawn and he had a Hessian sack which he would have around his like site sort of calm and he comes on site dining champion the of the world is that book it was reminds me and he would do this whistle a specific whistle which he would day and the pheasants would all come down and come to him and he would feed them Cohn and I loved that I loved that they would they would do that and they knew his cool and he loved his he loved what he did his ascetic anti gun he loved the animals but obviously it's a strange thing of raring pheasants and they're gonNA be shot and they're gonNA beaten but it was he cared about what he did and he cared about the land and he loved nothing more than just spending time in the woods with his dogs and just yet being a bit of a bit of a free spirit and that's how I remember him not how I saw him in an awesome few months they say great way to you know to remember that it's important that we we do think back like that in and you know if you've lost a parent recently somebody that you love you know and you need to talk about it then don't forget seek seek out that help and also talk about it with your friends your families doesn't need cool okay have you been running I guess not no running helped yet daphne I it's funny actually I said to my job and I said can you just give me a session to do this they gave me a session I actually have no idea what if I did it or not I did it but I didn't know if I did the amount my reps or anything I just was thinking the hallway through it's tough yes running does help of course it does because it does even though entire I still need to get out definitely I mean what's this racing loan doc well say the week before again because I felt like I needed to be arrest by I am I found a race last Saturday code this is a brilliant it was called the race with no witty name was cooled and it was in the salt area and I just it was horrific by the and it was thirty three miles long so that's why did you just turned up and did it yeah I just turned up did Ashley and it was yeah it was really it was just horrific weather I covered in mud I slipped everywhere but it was never done before and yeah just sold it needed to disclaim my mind and I felt like running away nearly helps me say it did and I am yes I did it and an a one it of course and then and I wanNA lovely hand carved you talking about race prizes like a while back so the price ah was eight hundred tonnes a mock would look oh no choice same Michael I put on all people message me on it it was so nice thank you guys thank you that because now my wooden chopping board which in the day now I have my wooden mug it's so good tactical move for little get together with my family I guess my sister and husband my other half brother and my dad and his wife and.

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