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And you could hear by Saturday and Sunday music shows every week at new standards dot org you're listening to morning edition on W. NYC in New York it's twenty minutes past five o'clock good morning and carry Nolan up next the Supreme Court will again consider the matter of separation of church and state this time in regard to a religious school in Montana and later on morning edition people in Seattle will soon have the option to vote on a mobile app despite repeated warnings from computer experts there is a growing consensus in the cybersecurity community that mobile voting on a smartphone is a really stupid idea that story coming up in about fifteen minutes stay with us you can hear full coverage of today's impeachment trial starting this afternoon at one o'clock on W. NYC you can also watch a live video stream and W. NYC dot org it's twenty seven degrees skies are clear over New York City will have sunshine all day a little warmer than yesterday with highs in the upper thirties clear tonight lows in the upper twenties and a little warmer again tomorrow mostly sunny with highs in the mid forties once again twenty seven degrees clear starry skies over New York City support for NPR comes from W. NYC members and from the Kauffman foundation working together with communities in education and entrepreneurship.

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