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Apparently brags about Kim Kardashian and a very an appropriate thing. We can't really share what he says. But he does have a second line. We talked about Kelly Jenner that we actually can play a little bit of you know, like you said he can't play. Here's what we can play. Sister made. Okay, maker just pour the bowl. Yeah. So we have that to look forward to. We'll see what he has to say about it. Anything yet? But I'm waiting speaking of Kanye you've got to see what he did to his hair. It's best for you. Just to see. I can't really tell you. I would want to spoil it so text the word con. Yay. Two seven five seven one zero four. I think he's been watching a lot of Daniel tiger Daniel tiger's neighborhood. That's the only thing I can think of the game did mentioned frosted flakes Tigers. Yeah. Yeah. Last night foxes live production of rent pretty much turned out to be a little fiasco while they had one actor break his foot on the dress rehearsal on Saturday. So they had to use some of the tape version of that for him because you couldn't use in a wheelchair. So we couldn't really roll around on the scouting. And all that. Right. So it was not really live was mostly half taped half live and a lot of people had a lot of good things. Bad things taped half, live and all sucked don't have understudies. That was one thing that I think they should work on because any of their shows they've done all the lives. They've never had a backup plan. Yeah. That's their backup plans that didn't really work out for them. And we have some new music from Chris Brown has long awaited single who diss. I imagine you got caught with another girl you kinda like worthy ruses this morning. Here's a little who. Maybe. I think the whole theme of the song is Chris.

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