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Andrew del be near shortly is my guess michael who in five years if we put in a time capsule right now are predictions lz nine verdy done this puts on five years is a short time for caramel greek okay we must five fiveyear in a closet five unit tenure okay but let's start five you the minnesota's back in five years who would be who will be the more accomplished player cody ballanger alonzo bowl do that's a great question i'm gonna go move lin as a great question i'm going to go alonzo i would lie thing lawns is the second coming to jason kidd yes eligible for seven a great year but we don't know if he's going to go down as the next uh of great lefty hadassah next them the arbor priscilla work in progress to uh epa water primer any fell off yossi i'll hit thirty whatever decoder yeah ken griffey jr is about the kind of left any swing to so he a winner bells but lawns oh i could see lawns ob and jason kidd of all how sorry i time our hardware cody right now is in the midst of the regular season eddie's making history does have a headstart yep rather heavier planner and receive a game and you're already said i see i just see jason killer laws i see date him being a face of the lakers for the next fifteen years and taken lagos the new heights now i might be wrong trudell may feel differently because i want to those big eligible to i expect ronkko to be a great maker will pass the expectation belgium eugrade dodger doc but balladur's already any regular season making history as an essential part of a team that were projecting there will be in the world series whole so how you just gonna give alonzo that the the handoff.

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