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All right. My first dark night. This week Dante Pettis the forty Niners going up against the bears. This week Pettus has gone off last week. Seventeen catches three hundred thirty eight yards four touchdowns as fulltime Craig's says it. He's actually the overall number six receiver in the last four weeks, which is pretty surprising still vailable pretty widely twenty-six targets over the last four weeks. Second only to kill on the team. Nick Mullins is kinda ball on out of late and the bears while being a very good defense actually do give up quite a bit of points to posing receivers. They go up the eighth most fantasy points receivers this year last week. They held Rogers two zero touchdowns but did give up eight catches hundred nineteen dollars. Devante atom. So the match of isn't actually as bad as it might look on paper. So I like Pettus a he's kinda come into his own turned into the top receiver on that team. I mean, obviously with Kittle Kittles probably the top pass catcher. But pedestals really emerged late in the season. He's gotten healthy. And he looks really good other. I've probably still be a little bit afraid because moans isn't exactly Aaron Rodgers. But I wouldn't be playing Kittles still, but I might be a little hesitant about Pettus. But they digits lose Eddie Jackson, and I think that actually huge for their defense. They also clinched the division, and they don't have a ton of daylight with making up a first run by. So I wouldn't be shocked if they were able to get some serious garbage time stuff at the very least absolutely so low. This was your first guy I like love Damian Williams on the chiefs, you know, obviously, so Spencer whereas a hamstring injury. It's uncertain if he plays this week, but they're going against the Seahawks and Spencer wears implying. I mean, David Williams is looked fantastic. Even Spence words healthy like Damien should have the job for now in the playoffs. I mean, I think Durell Williams got the Daryl Williams Tyrrell he got the first score. But David Williams just looked better threat. He's they can do everything with him. He's great out of the backfield. These he I mean, he can run routes. You know, most of. Yeah. Yeah. He could run things downfield Nielsen he really can make guys miss and break long plays. There's nothing not to like. So last week, you know obvi-. Probably ceiling. But I you know, that's the guy. I think it's get two or three touchdowns on any given week ethics. So love that will not any given week one week that really matters. So this week how about that? But monitor Spencer ware, right? I mean, or you are you playing him if where place. No, so. Well, yes, but oh where I want to hear what they have to say. So I think that even if where is healthy enough to play or he's a game time decision. I imagined they would still monitor if Williams is getting even like half stamps. It's still think he's probably worth the flex option if whereas out altogether. I think he's like clearly like a second tier running back looking Rb to talent wise, I think he should play. It is better than where if wears out. He's one hundred percent should be interested if whereas in I'd probably still monitor because the way the chief season's going. I I imagined that they still want to prioritize keeping everyone healthy. I don't think where it's going to get the full workload this week. No matter. What? Yes. So you sitting where if you have where? It'd be I mean, it would be it would be tough for me to plan because it's not it's a lesser version of the James Connor thing for me last week. We're like even if he's going to play like how much is it gonna play Hampshire? There's like not good injuries either. Well, yeah. I mean, they can put him on a pitch county. Can you know tug it, you know, he comes out or maybe they're just going with the hot hand, it would be tough for me to really if you were playing Spencer. Where would you feel good about it? So I'm torn. But at the say, I wouldn't be surprised, but it's certainly something to monitor. You know, you got to check the injury on Friday and things. Yeah. Definitely my next guy Robert Foster the bill's going up against the patriots this week. This is a former Alabama undrafted free agent for the bills..

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