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This is a, I just need to get this exchange to happen so that I can go about my day feeling fulfilled situation. And I think that like there's no shame in that. You know, the reality is that sometimes it's like, we just want to do that. We just want to have that physical go down and the key is like, are you being safe? You know, are you being and not just being safe, like in terms of like using condoms, or you know protecting yourself, if you don't want to be pregnant with with birth control, it's also about being safe, like emotionally, right. Like, are you being safe in considering the fact that like this is gonna be somebody who. You're just gonna, fuck and you're not gonna want anything more from. That's listen. So many of us do this thing where we think that we can just like act like a lot of women be like, do get mine, and then you find out like, oh way like I am not like mentally sound for that. And some situations that dude is thinking that like you want more and it's like, oh, no, I don't even want you to talk. I literally just want to q. issues. Because if you don't 'cause I don't. I don't even talk because if you say the wrong thing that I can't fuck you. So just shoot. Yeah, let them use it play. Let the music play. Like I know we've all been in that situation before. It's like, I'm literally only attracted to this situation that is appearing on the surface. I don't wanna know anything beneath. I don't wanna know if you like dogs. I don't want to know what your favorite movie is. I don't wanna know if you prefer chocolate vanilla cake. I genuinely don't care. I really just wanna collect you like Pokemon. Collect them all. And I think a lot of guys can't even fathom that women like this, but it's like, yeah, we definitely do. And we definitely have our own like physical karnal wants and needs, and that's fine. It's also fine to say like, you know what? I just I'm not in the space of just fucking anymore. I've been in that place before. I've been in that place where I'm just like, I just I'm not into that. I need to have like meaningful sex. If I'm going to have sex with anyone right now. And honestly, at this point in my life like that really is where I really am. It's like, even if I am that, it'd be a fucking situation. It's ideally going to be with somebody who it's not like they're not just a fly by night persons like somebody that I've known for a while and even if we don't live in the same state, etcetera. Like we are not just like strangers, you know, it might be a somebody who's like comeback, who's who's risen, because. Stay kilter. The third. Okay. That has been happening quite a bit lately because people mature, you know, people go through things where you know what I always say. People don't change, but life changes people. And so they make revisit you. And you may say, oh, I actually shut down and denied you entrance persona, non grata to the magic middle. However, you gotta reason the minute, you're occasion, you pass all the community hearings and we have decided to bridge to the sanctuary, please perceive with care and consideration. Now, I want to say this though. Making love and fog in Kim happen with the same person. I want to reiterate that it can happen with the same person, but it's just there's dynamics that are different between each of them..

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