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Yes on thursday of this week we did a livestream three hour livestream and there was a few reasons why we wanted due at one of them was to let people know about our patriot and the book book is also you know another huge thing that seems to be happening at the same time will end up scheduling some type of livestream for the patrons every month where we will be interacting with them answering questions just having some some fun discussions and maybe throw in a couple of news items if anything you know anything cool is going on but the real reason is we want to interact with the patriot community it's going to be mostly a question answer format or entirely and we're still there's a lot of options on patriots have a lot of plug ins in different ways that we can do that too were still working out what would be the optimal way to do it and to stream it and to interact with are the patriots at different levels so once we nail that down technically which way works best will be doing that once a month so if you believe in the work that we do and you want the show to continue please go to patriot dot com forward slash skeptics guide and become a patron and if you missed the three hour livestream on thursday it is still there on our facebook page and on our youtube channel so you can take a look at it whenever you want all right well thank you all for joining me this evening you got brothers thanks and until next week this is your skeptics guide to the universe.

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