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After Linda's murder her Ted was accelerated. And around this time Liz club for his long term girlfriend noticed a distinct change in him. His mood shifted at the drop of a hat. One Minute he was in high spirits has charming as ever and in the next is is went dark. Simple arguments arguments escalated into threats and broken furniture. It was the first time had seen him skirt towards violence his sexual habits changed as well though. Liz and Ted reportedly had a tender love life up to that point. He became aggressive coercing her into anal sex and insisting they experiment Roman with bondage but handcuffs in the bedroom with Liz wasn't enough to satisfy Ted. He continued prowling the streets of Seattle hunting for his next next victim. And during the Spring and summer of nineteen seventy four. He killed half a dozen young women in quick succession. Sources vary on the time. Line of Ted Bundy's killing spree but according to author and rules book the Stranger beside me. Ted's next victims uh-huh were claimed in the following order in March Ted abducted nineteen year old. Donna Manson from Evergreen State College in Olympia. While she was on her way to a concert cert- later he confessed to decapitating her and cremating her head in lists fireplace. Her remains were never found in April. Almost almost exactly a month later Ted abducted eighteen year old. Susan Ran Court from central Washington State College in Ellensburg. As she was walking to a film film-screening he murdered her and left her body on Taylor Mountain only a couple of weeks later on May Sixth Ted expanded his hunting grounds. He murdered twenty year old. Roberta Parks a student at Oregon State University. Four hours South Seattle three weeks after he returned from Oregon Ted spent the evening with Liz and her family loses relatives had gathered to celebrate her daughter's baptism. The next it's morning everyone was in high spirits. Liz who had been feeling troubled about Ted and his recent bizarre behavior filter worries ease. She watched him mm chat with a family member laughing and it's big infectious way. He was back to his usual charming self then. Suddenly Liz watched watched as Ted's expression changed it was like witnessing a storm drift to cross a bright sky. Suddenly his face went dark and the excused himself from the table. Ted left early that night without a word of explanation the next morning he was laid to Liz's daughter's baptism. Aw Loses. Thoughts immediately flew to her greatest fear. Ted was cheating on her with another woman but the truth was so so much worse after he excused himself from Liz's Family Gathering Ted raped and murdered twenty two year. Old Brenda Ball. His fifth confirmed victim. After a night of butchery he spent the next morning at a baptism. Ted Sudden Departure Church soon became a common occurrence more than a few times. Liz Fell Asleep next to ted only to wake up in the morning to find. He disappeared in the middle. I love the night. While Liz silently kept note of Ted's strange behavior the authorities also identified disturbing trend every month a a new college age. coeds seemed to disappear into thin air and by that summer the Pacific northwest was gripped in terror. Walking around college campuses began to feel like a living horror film hitchhiking which was a popular way for young people to get around at the time stopped almost entirely entirely girls in Seattle were even advised to travel in groups and to avoid walking through alleys. Perhaps the most eerie detail of the mysterious serious disappearances was the fact that each of the missing women bore a striking resemblance to one another. Almost every single victim was young white attractive active. That had long dark hair parted down the middle. They looked like Dianne Edwards the tendency to target victims who have a particular appearance or who resemble amble someone. A killer knows isn't uncommon. These shared characteristics between victims are referred to as a victim profile and Ted Bundy's was incredibly specific while we don't know if Ted's gravitation toward young women who looked like Diane was conscious. It's doubtful that his victims resemblance blends to his first. Love was a coincidence. However Ted later denied that he deliberately sought out particular type of target instead he? He claimed that the only common denominator between his victims was that they were young and fairly attractive. But it's very likely that the strong pattern Saturn and Ted's victim profiles was born of his breakup with Diane according to Doctor. Mary Ellen O'Toole a former FBI profiler specializing and psychopathy Killers victim preference is often developed based on a combination of what victims are available accessible and desirable at the time when a killer begins their murders and for Ted Dabo Gang of Diane Edwards. Were most likely the focus of his blood lost in the winter of nineteen seventy four. When ted I began killing he was right on the heels of his second? Break up with Diane. It's very possible that at at that time Ted had an insatiable urge to keep hurting her even after unceremoniously cutting off the relationship so he presumably would have been looking for a sort sort of surrogate for Diana on whom he could inflict pain with that desire in place. Ted looked around to see who was available and accessible muscle and for Ted a law student. Who lived very near the University of Washington campus? Female College students were in high supply. Thus Tad's victim profile was born and Ted's profile was more precise than most throughout his four-year killing streak he rarely straight from murdering his victims who fell exactly in line with the characteristics he was looking for essentially Ted had type and a Seattle police took took notice but while they recognized the pattern of victims police had no leads on the killer alert himself no suspects all they could do was watch helplessly as women continue to disappear across the Pacific northwest their only hope was that the next time the Predator struck he'd make a misstep leave something behind or botch a murder attempt. Detectives knew that in order for a killer to become so careless. They I had to grow comfortable and for Ted Bundy. Murder felt all to natural by the summer of Nineteen seventy-four. Ted's transformation into a serial killer was complete elite with each and every murder. His Ego only grew and his kills became more and more brazen that July his the era gance finally outranked his own. Good Judgment Ted abducted and murdered two women on the same day in Broad Daylight Light July fourteenth nineteen seventy four was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Noon at Lake Sammamish just east of Seattle. It was a busy day for the park. Nearly forty thousand people had come to enjoy the lakes cool waters and onto picnic on its shores but Ted Bundy had different plans. Ted arrived at the lake and Casual Beach clothing and wearing an arm arm sling. He began approaching young women explaining. He was having a hard time loading his sailboat into his car with his injured arm then he asked them if they would be willing to come to the parking lot and help him out. Many women politely declined but to agreed to help. The poor injured entered man nineteen year. Old Denise Naslund Ted second victim that day had left her friends to use the park bathrooms when she encountered this seemingly helpless Ted Undoubtedly. She realized her mistake as they approached his car. It wasn't a pickup but rather a tiny rainy. Vw Bug with no sailboat in sight but by that point far from the crowds of people at the beach it was too late. Ted's first victim that day had been a beautiful young woman. He spotted sitting on a blanket and a yellow Bikini twenty-three-year-old Janna Sant- witnesses observed a man approach Janice. They described him as handsome with an unidentifiable vaguely British accent before Janice walked off with him. They hurt Janice introduce yourself then. So did the stranger his name was. Ted Seattle's mysterious Darius coed killer had finally made a critical mistake. He'd left behind one vital clue his real name..

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