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At twenty seven percent less likely to buy sending CPR than men. Why? According to research, they confuse people. You hands will I is it even okay to tuck isn't attached with, with breasts any traditional CPO mannequin into a woman. Zayn is free to download any organization, but also called a sex doll a woman or a sex doll. What kind of society? Are we living in Hampshire where a lady could be lying on the floor dying right in front of you and the first thought that comes to your mind is look, I'd love to help, but I really don't get wanna get me to here. So we're just going to wait for the ambulance to arrive. I mean, could you imagine a chick choking on a revival Ruth's, Chris and binghaman adding to give her the Heimlich? Thanks for saving my life. But you're grinding pretty heavy on my midsections. I'm going to have to file a report similar Brett cabinet raising his hand. Yeah. I count on it. Because sometimes they'll just say that you did it even when you didn't do it now. I'm with you. It's insane. It's ridiculous. That's eighty Arctic. And yes, those are actually called sex dolls. But yeah, it's a little disgusting actually has to be a thing. Have you ever had to try to save somebody's life? You ever been in that situation? I have a NATO now. I mean, why wouldn't you know what I've taken CPR classes? I don't know why you wouldn't know where to put your hands. If it was a woman at the same place. Right. They're kinda right below the ribcage, right. That where you try to give them you're try to get the heart pumping again. And if you see some moron that's got his hands. Just on top of her can bump that dude off and get somebody in there that knows what the hell he's doing. This has got to be somebody in that room. Is this anything New Orleans music, legend, Dr John died yesterday of a heart attack? He was seventy seven now you might not know the name, but I bet you know, the voice, he's best known for the top ten hit back in seventy three right place at the wrong time making Whoopee from these sleepless in Seattle soundtrack, and the curious George theme.

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