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Pooping dude. We don't care we don't care which guys just give me update dude. Someone's there the whole time knowing what to do with their pooping in public place. It's the worst is the absolute worst and then like when you hear. Somebody entered the bathroom. Like oh and then you see them. Walk through a little crack between the door and like i contact. It's like saw each other most vulnerable. It's the worst. So yeah he falls asleep taking shit and he gets sucked into or he's in a dream and he's doing his he's had joe. Yeah phrase invisible. Which is kinda weird having an invisible fight. Yeah that is weird. Get to property. Lynch not wanna do the fights available. Maybe he had to poop well times the waste it in so he fights him. Yeah i read is kicking his and then starts fighting back and he's doing good and then all of a sudden freddy's glove appears and just flies rick and kill them and each time. One of her friends dies after kristen. It's like alice like gets a jolt of energy. We're finding out of their talents and abilities are their dream. Tell right are passing onto alice. I don't know what sheila's dream talent was brains. Mind over matter so she says she signed my poster. There you go there you go so then we to the funeral and this is kind of a weird scene because rick like comes out of his own coffin and has kind of a moment with his sister and he goes halo. Regan yeah very strange. Also notice at the funeral for some people like kincaid funeral. Some people. don't yeah but kincaid. Enjoy your like buried next to each other. And there are buried next to nancy and then kristen's buried next to them. It's like they all got funeral plots right next their plots right next to each other. They don't know how they died. They like the people who don't know anything about freddie. They still buried them all next year. Exactly exactly nobody in the no one else in the town died in the interim between you know so the greet at the funeral to me. Debbie's another thing another thing if you live in a town where like twenty years ago in. This wasn't even twenty years ago right so like it's a year after those people died at the mental hospital. It's like four years after what happened in elm street one. And it's like what twenty years after what happened to freddie krueger. Yeah like don't you think you would know the story like everybody's like who's freddie and it has to be explained every fucking movie who freddie s. Even if you're new to the town folklore at this point yeah was gonna come up to you and go. You're about freddy krueger yet. And you're like what the fuck talking about. Yeah of course have killed. He killed children like we know. Stories about like fucking jeffrey dahmer. And we don't even live. I did but don't even live in milwaukee wisconsin. Yeah this would be big news. Yes but not the dream stuff might not be big news but knowing who freddie krueger was when he was like in the real world like alive you would know that store exactly and why is nancy's house associated to freddie krueger of. Nobody lives there anymore. Like i understand in one to the house being there. But why's everybody always going back to that house. That's up freddy kruger house. That was nancy's house gets the freddie house. But it's not freddie's house. It's nancy's maybe was ready. But it wasn't. I mean did spread..

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