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I know we actually I was I was a good fight. Oh, no, that was a good fight. And I think the public house that he was taking all the way to the end. And so I thought I'm like you're saying it wasn't like a fight. That was a good fight. I wasn't gonna fight but yes alander was not a good fight right me an examiner was getting frustrated like come on motherfuker. Let's go. Yeah, that was one of them I've seen I think that they both but I almost thought it was weird. So that's what I'm saying. I think he's slowing down and plus we don't even know how old these Cubans are. They say. He's like 45 you could be seventy. He's I mean, he's he's obviously seventy-five. So I don't know I think Rumble wins he had time off. I think that when he lost his Daniel Cormier what she almost won the first one the second time like this code left early was in some weird mental state. He took time off he recovered he like he's a happy place a good place. I don't know. I think that Rumble wins this fight I do a wow. Wow. I hope you know why I just for some reason I even though I think he's a mutant and this if you look at him physically, I think that a Romero's a mutant. I just think that he needs to come back and that motivation is what's going to really make him use all yeah, but he never seems that really that motivated. He said he did. Oh, no, he didn't know wait a minute when he fought Acosta he did. I don't know on it seems like I don't know who knows this is so weird fight, but I'm excited for it. We're going to ask Sara McMann her opinion. Yeah. Well, let's ask her opinion. Yeah. Who wins rum are this Bellator Grand Prix Rumble versus a Romero vs. Yoel Romero. Who is that fight? Oh man, that's actually kind of tough. I'm going to say rumble. I just say the only reason I say, well, the only reason I say it is cuz he seems to be a little bit more aggressive where Romero has seemed to be like he's fighting more conservative and smart. So but it tends to lead to a little less action but in like the heavier weights, you know, it's hard to get in there and getting in there and getting that off. Punches really important, especially in the first few rounds. I just think that rambus and I kind of press the action more right now. I said it does I have no proof of this but it seems like Bellator seems less strong when it comes to testing for steroids and and sepia. Am I right on that? I mean nobody ever gets busted over there. Well, I don't know I actually cuz I'm not in that organization. I don't know what they do suck if they're under you Sada or if they do commissions test or you know, okay. Yeah that makes it a little easier because like people can do stuff like out. I love the competition and then be clean for the commission whatever the fight comes around. So that's that's everything outside of the UFC..

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