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Text message anytime at eight one eight two nine eight six five two one from the gateway to the west coast to coast AM with George Nuri next hour, we will begin our predictions with you will also reach into that two thousand eighteen volt and see what some of you had to say some interesting predictions, by the way, a very fascinating coast insiders, thank you for another wonderful year. And those of you who are contemplating becoming an insider. We'll just listen. Into some of these coast insider because now I have twenty four seven access to the best show ever coast to coast AM. Hi, it's Theresa I love being an insider because the shows I listen to I always appreciate the diversity of fat full insights that brings me on a variety of topics coast to coast the show has challenged me. Thing deeper and to broaden my horizon, I'll give it a try. It's fifteen cents a day, and you can sign up by going to our website coast to coast AM dot com. John Hoge was earlier talking about stem cell technology, and I would could revolutionize fighting cancer and everything else listen to another application stem cells have been proven to work literal miracles on the human body, Dr Nathan Newman saw there was a huge untapped market for the use of the stem cell technology as a non-prescription serum to be applied at home to those problem. Areas of the face and neck fine lines wrinkles and bags under the is his product is called luminous here with luminaries. We're not really trying to just moisturizer or cover the skin. We're going down using the language that the cells used to talk to one another to get the cells to do our work for us to tell the cells not to break down collagen, not to break any Lassen to build up the collagen to build up the lesson to bring you. Blood vessels to take away, they inflammation, and that can only be done at.

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