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For Gerry McNamara and Carly it's always a pleasure to be in for the guys when they're away normally you can find me during the day Monday through Friday doing afternoon drive two to five central time in Dallas Texas a new Starkey twenty W. B. A. pre all right let me let me get your calls let's go to stew in Pennsylvania's through thank you for waiting I appreciate your patience are you doing Sir thank you Rick to hear a voice in the wilderness thank you and John about this have something in common well thank you thanks rarely hear a radio station or to your anybody that really so you talk with two speech he goes out this were something with to your your interviewer that I was going to bring up the you when and the reason why I want to bring up the U. N. is because of the gun control a lot of people so I'm very call for the use of the phone there was in the military and the for other people speaking about gun control but what you don't often see here is that the United Nations has had a plan for complete and total disarmament of this country people who will come up with series to state publications seven two two two series five nineteen sixty three goalie but it's total complete disarmament of this country and all you have to do people listening is look at the statue of a civilian weapon that's in front of the U. and it's a revolver and has the muscle car then and not well that statute conveys a message and the messages that the civilian people will be disarmed in the U. N. witches militarize and they've used their military around the world to commit genocide and this is what gains to do is very angry can you handle that you spoke with him very well this is one people that are against guns want to think about because the only thing that protects the far right is this an included weapon a gun that launches a piece so from gun powder that's the only thing we know it's protecting our freedoms and our founders were not stupidity is sorry I think there are a Q. surprises anybody except for a handful like Trey Gowdy here are some of them down there but the they they dealt with here in the persecution first hand made and read about other than books and go to college or read about it they were dealing with a firsthand soon Jefferson said we use to you the second amendment bring in friends there mon you're about ready lose a rush to your it's if I may because I'm a girl and thirty seconds Lecter let me respond to five then you know for my money you can bulldoze the U. N. any day I've never had any use for somebody the votes a majority of the time against this country headquartered in here it's sort of a in my mind like care the council on American Islamic relations you know why the hell are they in America well that's a whole other show the members in the U. when they agreed to accept the UN charter and it states that the U. N.'s four main purposes are the main peace security develop friendly relations.

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