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Argument i'll do this real quick of tom ahead i mean taveras certainly top five in this city maybe even top three i mean are you gonna put judge there now i know everybody wants to get pumped up about gleyber torres and all the young yankees and it's baseball season so it's easy to say the yanks one of the best teams in a league judge probably in there odell beckham i'm sure people are going to wanna put their producer mark jacob degrom jacob degrom excellent one where would you put john taveras pound for pound he's a top five player in the city well when he was here of top three maybe not give me your top five and then odell i think he i don't know though i mean i get it at his peak what we're talking what does this talking exciting we're talking about a player you know think about this city the player in comparison to the rest of the players in his sport and obviously mixing into the city i guess oh down i mean where would you rank odell in the nfl overall i think he's a top five receiver top five receiver okay but it's hard because quarterbacks are better i guess all right so you put give me your top five again you get odell to grandma i'm right to okay this is tough stuff still up there you know i don't know if he is or not i mean when you talk about you're talking about new york laura obviously you guys got guys like man who's won two super bowls but right now you wouldn't say the top player in the city but i think the overall point is that taveras was one of them i mean hundred percent he's in the primaries career young superstar at the top of his game you talking about guys not just leaving the islanders here there's not good player leaving team this is a great player in the sport leaving the city obviously i covered the islanders for a few years i've never watched in person that up close practice whatever game a better player in any sport then john i mean guys that's that's kinda the point i'm trying to make and i guess i'm not making it cleanly but he is he's a stud this is a top player in the sport so certainly in the city i probably you know what i think he's the more i think about i think he's top three or was top three in the city i don't know how i'd rank them degrom probably should be in there being he's one of the best pitchers in baseball but then you could throw severino in their thing is to grams don't a little bit longer judges is now two for him but still he's at the peak see i wouldn't even put those guys over odell dell's had some great catches he's had some great touchdowns i mean he's been an explosive player maybe i'm being shortsighted to not put him in there but i would put him in the back of the top five i think i would probably put odell five and maybe severino degrom judge to bear is in no particular order before before i would put odell we miss anybody else is one thing for sure we know there's still pasco ball players on that list yeah putting porzingas on there i mean obviously with the injury and even so i don't think he deserves to be up there if pete was here he would say sam darnold sam darnold right at jamal adams would be the one jet that comes to mind but you can't do that after one year i think he'll be up there eventually you know maybe you noon while has a big year but again we're talking elite level look at how long to donate for as far as longevity goes to various has done it long you'd probably have to put up there are we talking devils to because then taylor halls in the top five oh i mean it is new jersey does that count mean tristate area we was lump them in kinda yeah that's a whole different conversation one mvp the nhl so he's got to be in that conversation then that is.

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