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This is the takeaway podcast for tuesday march twentieth twenty eighteen it's the first day of spring it's the equinox it's also six months hurricane maria hit puerto rico will start there this hour and will end the hour with comedian aparna charles i'm retweeting so gonna be okay stick around it's funny this is the takeaway i've taught it's good to have you with us six months ago today on september twentieth hurricane maria hit puerto rico things are slowly getting better in puerto rico but with businesses and infrastructure devastated a hundred and thirty five thousand puerto ricans have left the island according to cbs news many of them with no firm plans to return and a lot of them have arrived on the mainland with no real place to go back in october fema started offering temporary shelter benefits for people displaced by the storm that shelter for thousands of vacuoles took the form of a hotel room somewhere in the united states but six months later thirty five hundred puerto ricans are still living in hotels and motels under what's called the transitional sheltering assistance program today was supposed to be the deadline cutting off those hotel vouchers but on monday fema extended the program until midmay willoughby's bermudez knows firsthand the toll this process has taken on both families and the cities that have welcomed them on the mainland bermudez is a member of the city council in hartford connecticut and she joins me now we'll delete welcome thank you thanks for having me and marcela garcia is also hearing editor he'll writer for the boston globe marcel thanks for being here as well high councilwoman bermuda's let me start with you how many families remain in hotels in hartford now and and how did hartford get involved in accepting them.

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