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She tax sitting hall stunned and a south Seattle community morning. She tax sitting hall a deadly car crash. Indeed. A newly appointed to tax city councilwoman has passed away. It was yesterday about one o'clock that are Armenia Ahmed was killed in a head on collision on south one hundred eighty eight straight there. She was an advocate for immigrant and refugee rights. She lived in South County for the last twenty years as an immigrant. She was a voice immigrant and refugee rights. And in October was appointed to the city council. I mean as friends had planned to meet and greet. So the community could get to know the new council member it will still take place December twenty first instead, though, it'll be a time to honor the life of Amina Ahmed and it'll be busy in Leavenworth today. Not just for tourists but later on this morning Leavenworth. Celebrate the life of. JBL him soldier killed last month. Sergeant Leandro Joshua was killed during combat operations in Afghanistan. November twenty four he was on a surge deployment to Afghanistan after enlisting in. The army drivers are told to expect delays in the area as the procession makes its way from east Wenatchee to Leavenworth on highway two that procession starts at about nine thirty this morning. Jostles funeral service will be held at eleven AM at cascade high school in Leavenworth. Fire officials Lacey saying it was arson that strata Jehovah witness kingdom hall. Friday's fire was a six incident since the month of March there were no injuries or in previous incidents. Thurston county? Sheriff John schnauzer says local church members are on the edge after these attacks more or less terrified of wise. Why are they being targeted? Why is this specific religion being targeted? Federal investigators. Now say it's just a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed unless a suspect is found police in Lynnwood are busy right now. Trying to track down an arm. Robber officer saying someone robbed the Ulta beauty store near the Alderwood mall. And then apparently took off there was a chase for a period on I four or five, but the suspect gone away and in Fremont, Seattle police say they've arrested a man after a robbery at gunpoint at a business there. Officers say the robber also tried to carjack several drivers.

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