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So I don't know it's it's all of it. I like I said, it's it always just amazes me the stuff that you know, the team here thinks of and comes up with and you know, I'm proud of work in I'm proud with the you know, all of the units this 200. I I mean, I'm looking at one right off. On yeah, it's awesome. Like I can just go on, you know, go on and on. Yeah, so yeah, and I think you bring up a good point talking about when you're out in the woods or V. And you're actually living that moment. I mean, there's nothing better than that. That is the Pinnacle and with when it comes to technology. There's always a delicate balance like we can sit here and no doubt and talk about tech. Is it off detracting from your experience in that moment? And I think a lot of people would say, you know, there's a line where if I'm having to mess with something to the point where I'm forgetting to just lose myself in the motion. That's the problem. But like you said that the team at Garmin and the people that are working on this stuff the easier it gets to use and incorporate into these Adventures the more seamless it becomes and it's it takes away less the day of you're actually living that experience lets you enjoy it and then it's giving you the stuff that you can go back and reflect on and again for me personally. I find that value wage. You know government's government as a missionary every company have a mission statement and Gardens mission statement, you know is at the end of it. It says making products that are become essential to our customers lives thought about that and it's exactly how you described it right where it's like you have the ability to go and do what you love and be out in the woods with your dog and you can rely on your faith in Alpha to take care of what you need to take care of and then in the moment that you need to find a dog or figure out what's going on and where you're at. You can always just snap back to it. So yeah. Yeah, so that's awesome. And I don't want to leave this. We don't need to get into the nitty-gritty stuff about like pricing and stuff. But I just want to be clear about the in reach thing. Yep. You've got you've got the capability on your Alpha 200. I you've got in reached tell me the basics of how that works and with a subscription and how many messages I can send like what do we need to know about that? Yeah, so I'm also going to say really quickly before I forget the alpha 200 I thought That runs on the tt15 tt15 many t v same exact same Powers as the five fifty plus and the 100 so you can actually just buy the hand-held and use your old collars off by the way reminds me everybody, you know, always don't forget to update your units. Yes, but the long and short is with in reach. It's it's think about it like a cellphone plan page where you can go as much higher lows you want the sense where it starts at about 12 bucks a month and then it goes up to I want to say right around $70 a month..

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