William Butler Yates, Mussolini, Poynter Institute discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


It is Roy Peter Clarke, senior scholar at the Poynter Institute notes in an elegant recent post. History must also note that William Butler Yates became enamored of nationalist authoritarians movements, including fascism. He said, admiring things about Mussolini in eugenics. He wrote a few anthems for the blue shirts and Irish fascist group. When we read, recite or fire our minds with Yates his poem do we somehow Condoned the devastating ideas which he came to favor? What works. Do we choose to keep her discard as we reconsider our history and art and Patrick, The novelist and memories told us this week that If we applied, today's morals to dead artists and history would be fairly scrubbed of art. The question to ask, she said, is, does this poem still speak to people? Yates passes the test. It continually means something new, because that's what great art does. It has reinvented, re energized. The person who reads it. What we make of Yates. His poem a century later, is like the history ahead, waiting to be made. It's up to us. You're listening to NPR news. Support for KQED comes from good eggs, delivering groceries to more zip codes than ever in the Bay Area with safety practices more information, including expanded delivery area. Good eggs dot com. Absurdly fresh groceries delivered..

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