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Are the seeds of paddock. Chevrolet Sports Up the Montreal Canadians are singing the Bee Gees this morning is they're staying alive in the Stanley Cup final thanks to a 32 overtime win over the Lightning last night in Game four. Of their series. Josh Anderson, scoring the game winner just 3 57 into the first overtime, scoring his second goal of the game and fifth goal of the playoffs. As the Canadians will force a game five coming up tomorrow night back in Tampa Bay at Emily Arena, Face office separate eight o'clock and you can hear all the coverage right here on W. G are starting with Coverage at 7 30. The sabers yesterday may in addition to their analytics department, with the hiring of Sam Ventura, away from the Penguins organization, giving him the title of vice president of hockey strategy and research. Paul Hamilton is more details of this story at W G r 5 50 dot com and some sad The sad note from the NHL yesterday is Blue Jackets goalie Mattis. Kev Lennox passed away at the age of 24 after The Associated Report What The Associated Press is reporting as chest trauma from an errant fireworks, mortar blast that happened to go off right by him and, unfortunately, kill him on to the NBA Finals. Game. One of the NBA Finals gets underway tonight between the Phoenix Suns in Milwaukee Bucks. Janice onto the camp. Oh, he is doubtful for the boxes. He continues to deal with a hyper extended left knee tip off tonight is set for nine o'clock onto football. The Jaguars have officially inked number one overall pick Trevor Lawrence to his four year rookie contract worth a reported $36.8 million, including $24.1 million of signing bonus money. And in baseball. The Blue Jays were off yesterday, but they get back in action with a six game road set before the will be all Star break. They start off their road trip with a meeting with the Orioles tonight in Baltimore. It is a 75 1st pitch that your paddock Chevrolet Sports update paddock Chevrolet with you for the extra mile. I'm Braeden Wilson for Brick. W GR Sports.

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