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You TVs 6 38 Thursday morning, September 17th just less than 24 hours ago announced that big 10 football is coming back Target date October 24, which is But a week later than Ah, lot of people were speculating all the long sports director Matt McCoy. I covered the story all day yesterday and Matt. I mean, a this point. Who do you kind of give the credit to mean? It was the president's vote, I suppose. That was the catalyst, but you have, you know I mean, in an incredible number of people almost begging to play, whether it's Justin Fields. It's a coach Ryan Day. Other people around the league. Of course, you have the return to competition Taskforce. You have a medical subcommittee that was a co chaired by Ohio State's doctor Jim Borchers. So I mean, there's a lot of people working on this. Who do you give the most credit to to get this done? I think in my opinion, had the decision been made, and everybody you know, was upset but kept quiet. We're not where we are today. So I give a lot of credit actually, to the parents associations of Nebraska and Ohio State. Randy Wait, whose son Sean Way now may come back may not. We'll see. But he was the first one at least at a liar State that really got vocal and got out there got in the media got on Fox got on ESPN saying, You know, we need they need to revisit this. They need to talk to us on the parents Association got involved? I I really believe that had Parents and players. Been quiet were not here. I mean, it happened because of public pressure. In my opinion, so all those people he mentioned Justine Fields Ryan Day but also The parents, Amanda Bab, who we had on Randy Wade, who we had on I think they made a big difference and put the pressure on the big 10 too. Kind of revisit this thing, And I think it worked. If they're if they're quiet, we are not here. In my opinion. Well, I mean, the thing that gets me is no fans as I understand it yet, but businesses around stadiums around the big 10 are pumped. Because they know with that football comes enthusiasm and mobility and fans and money, So that's good and as far as the campus is concerned. I mean, they're taking it seriously, not like just cart Blanche. Let's go. They say they're going to be disinfecting common areas at least three times a day. Masks will be worn indoor and outdoor at all times, with two exceptions. During strenuous exercise. We're taking part in performance based activity. So if they got the pads on their probably don't have the mask on, they're going to be cleaning out workout in weight room equipment training workouts limited in number. I'm going to social distance and they say they're going to get baseline test for Cove ID and then weekly testing dependent on level of activity from team to team, So it sounds to me kind of like what we were here in. When they cancelled. It was a lot of the players like, Look, I feel healthier and safer in the bubble than I do. Just in general pop going to class, for sure they're going to be tested starting in a week, getting regular tests and Yes, I think the safety protocols in place in the big 10 was one of the big things and you mentioned Dr Jim Borchers. He had a huge part in this with the From My understanding with the meeting's over the weekend had a big impression on the On the president's with his presentation, talking about myocarditis and the other safety measures that are in place to make sure that they keep Cove it at bay as much as possible. For these football programs. The the other thing that's interesting. Joel is I mean, with the season starting October, 27th our I'm sorry. October 24th. I mean, Usually most of the season. He's played in good weather. Good weather months. Even though the season shortened and truncated to eight or nine games. I mean, who know I guess I'm saying whether could really be a factor in this thing. I mean, you know you could have an Ohio State Michigan game. If you know that traditionally goes back to the last game on December 12th. I mean, who knows what it's going to be like here? We had a snowball in the fifties. You never know. So you know better late than never, I guess is what I'm saying. But you shall not around campus and everything. I mean, if it's ah, 20 degree day or something in December. I mean, I don't know how many people are going to be Ah, milling about campus. But of course, there's no fans involved so well, they will be W some because there always is. Yeah, So here's my big question. Eight games. With 1/9 game as the conference championship game. They're going to try to get that done the 19th and then all the selection for the national title that comes the following day. So in your mind What kind of schedule Will Ohio State because they're talking eight games and then if they do what everybody expects they play the title game. What kind of schedule is going to be most advantageous for the Buckeye? Well, they just can't lose. They're going to play. I mean, I would assume That they're going to play the six teams in their division and then to crossover games. I don't really know Joel that it matters. Who you play. You just have to tow win your games. If you're Ohio State and do it impressively, and then you can't be 81. You've got to be nine. You know, you gotta you gotta win every game. First of all, if you're right, and when you're probably not I'm assuming that the loss is going to you know, they have to go to Penn State. You can't lose depends State. You can't lose the mission. You can't lose your division games. They've got to be undefeated. They've got to be nine. Toto have a chance to be in that college football playoff. Theyjust do they can, But it doesn't matter who they play. Your I don't think it matters to the schedule is fine. We just got to take care of it. I think you know, they say the college football playoff committee says. That every years a new year we start from scratch. We do it based on merit in all this yada, yada, yada yada, but Ohio State's reputation going into this year, I think Supersedes a lot of that. They are considered one of the best teams in the ranked number two in the preseason poll before they fell out of the rankings. They're generally considered one of most talented teams, if not the most talented team in the country, so as long as they don't lose, I cannot imagine even if their schedule is weaker. They don't have as many data points as this team or that team. I can't imagine them not getting it. And one other thing. The the Pac 12 still isn't playing. Now. They've been left out of the college football playoff three times. So you know that's not a big deal. But what I'm saying is that's one Mohr. Potential like Oregon isn't going to be involved. You know, Oregon's got a really good team. They could go undefeated. That's another team. That's out of the picture that you don't have to worry about matching your resume against if that makes sense. So that's just my opinion, But I could be wrong there. You know, there could be six undefeated teams in alive stayed. You know, as Rutgers and Maryland and Indiana on their schedule on these other teams don't and maybe they get bummed, But I just I can't imagine with Justin Fields in the town, but they have coming back that if they don't If they stay undefeated and win their games..

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