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Basically saying. We trust mike tomlin. We don't care that your quarterback as a corpse. Yeah we don't it's it's it's literally we trust the logos of the steelers. Hell let's go. Nineteen seventies raiders. Let's just root for good famous old teams from the afc. Let's rock with it. The steelers deal is like they burst. Dave a writer mark Kabali biggest pronouncedly studies eighteen to twenty years last weekend. Cincinnati was single handling the worst game. He's ever seen them play and like. I don't think tom it allows them to go out that way. And they're so much better. When j. watt is on the field juju wasn't practicing earlier this week but the andre johnson was they get guys back on on offense. Packers haven't done anything to blow me away this year. I certainly don't see this as packers. Like thirty eight ten or anything. This is a classic we thought the steelers were dead. Maybe they can if they get a lead. Maybe you don't need a lot from rothlisburger nashi. I liked them. We're not gonna. we're not futterman. Last one is panthers plus one sixty eight over the cowboys. I like the panthers a lot more earlier in the week in the more i thought about this game looked at every every ever blind spot with a team. I just don't see it right. And i keep trying to think this is the week i think i just had a blind spot with the cowboys. I actually think they might be. Good if you go back and you think about the first three weeks that tampa game. They really went toe to toe with them that game last week on monday. They fucking killed philly healed and they have guys on defense now. Like parsons i think if you do if you do have you done a redraft on good morning football. Yes and he's in the top five because he he had city. He's unbelievable his ability to either be linebacker defensive end in the way they can move him around. Resume my son and five football. It's just like such such a weapon to have somebody like that like the ability to just move around the coaches like we need play middle. Linebacker play defensive end. I see a lot of mike. Parsons and my son and vice versa. Back on the second. Before i ask you though as you gotta give us the ben resume at flag football like what. It's on the eighth grade. I'm just excited. 'cause we we. We beat arrival today. I will say the rabat's but they they got shut out. Is what happened mike apart. My family hasn't my. My son goes to the same school as my daughter. And we never wanna banner and this may be my best chance not even in the team always. Football now is co ed. Soccer was the basketball team. Three straight years losses in the final. This is our one chance Kelly the cowboys two running backs both good like just always like they always have somebody good in their do stuff. Dax look fantastic. Really really psyched. That he came back the way he did and it. Actually there's some inventiveness with the coordinator. I don't know man. I'm just. I had the panthers plus one sixty eight. But now you think like no mccaffrey no. jc juicy It it i. i'm staying away. Here's a so the cowboys got defense overnight. And it's it really is overnight. 'cause the coordinators all the difference dan. Quinn has brought a whole different scheme. He looks great but literally mica and Zoo whose number ninety seven are flying both rookies and then trayvon digs might be their best corner who outstanding actually wrote about it provocateurs dot com the twenty twenty corner draft class is actually fascinating because there were five taken in the first-round okuda already gillies as anything for deputy detroit. Cj henderson was a top ten. Pick the jaguars. They trade for sixty cents dollar You've got our net in in Embroider the raiders who does not have any. Aj terrell falcons with the much much-needed in miami Who hasn't done much for the second round guys is jaylen. Johnson in chicago looks great. It's trip digs. Who looks even better than this christian. Fulton for tennessee. They all went in the second round. This trayvon digs is outstanding. And he's going to be a problem for teams the next few years. He's already got three interceptions. So you put those three young guys the new defensive game and you add in the old players like they haven't defense and that's all they need because their offense is great and they. It looks like they got four blue chippers out of these. Last two drafts. Yeah sinatra. i can't maybe even more than that. But i'd four for sure. Where's just like these guys are. Are we had ship starter. Calvin johnson on the show today for good morning. Football calvin is a man of very few words but he was promoting his football life on nfl network and basically asked like cousy young receiver. That you like like you put me on the spot like cd. Lamb of all the young guys lamb. He's like that guy special. does things like. They know the guys like that. They know and cd's just getting started. I think. I think that you could make the argument that yours. Carolina's defense it's great. This dallas team is pretty good and they should win this game. At one o'clock. I like that.

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