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Boy. Oh boy capping you the heat. It just sucked the soul from my body <hes> yeah i don't why were those words so hard. They were some big ones in there. Are you got consummate good. I was waiting to see if you got consummate right but i messed up the the you know. I was like the what and dude i've been. There's all time out in like sania say nia and then i came to the word i was like nine. In which was i not supposed to have you sat right but yeah <hes> that show was a big piece of pop culture or is what a cool message man like for people so whatever i was gonna say this but i'll just say it now. I don't know whatever <music> but like. I remember when i had kids like my choices because i was a stay at home. Mom and i was like i'll just wait until you get back. Oh now i love how people are commenting commenting now in here. Meredith is so old guys. Stop seriously. I just s- pleased all stop. I'm just i'm not really that old. I just i'm all right. I'm ninety seven. I'm benjamin button bench but they did. You just get that healthy plant based nontoxic cleaning products work and the good ones are actually more enjoyable to us. But where do you start and who do you you trust death. They're the worst that's where grove collaborative comes in with grove. You don't have to shop multiple stores or search endlessly online to get all the natural goods union for you and your family. Hey tiffany. What's your favorite thing about grove. My favorite thing about grove is <hes> <hes> the little okay so they send you like glass bottles.

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