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Your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected. And constantly update in your car at home at work. Hands on the go. W T o P. Never miss a moment. Good evening. I'm Michelle Bash. Alicia A. Belson is at the editor's desk. Coming up. Hurricane Sally slowly heads toward the Gulf Coast states, forcing major evacuations. Could Congress take action to help deal with the devastating spread of wildfires? On Capitol Hill. I. Mitchell Miller, 11 31. Hurricane Sally is crawling toward the northern Gulf coast at just two miles an hour, a pace that lets the storm gather huge amounts of water to eventually dump on land. Forecasters now expect landfall late overnight near the Alabama Mississippi state line. The storm sustained winds are around 85 miles an hour. It is 65 miles southeast of Mobile, Alabama. Rainfall increasing in the two states where some coastal roads have been closed because of flooding. Forecasters say the slow moving storm will bring record Flooding to the region. With nearly 2 Ft. Of rain accumulation in some spots near the coast. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is urging residents near mobile Bay to evacuate if they still can, as long as it's sitting. There. It's piling up the water along the Gulf Coast of storm surge of 4 to 7 FT looks likely now in mobile Bay That's where it looked the worst of the storm surges. And we're still thinking of the rainfall is going to be measured in feet. In some places. This is looking to shape up as a historic rainfall. That's Dennis Feltgen, with the National Hurricane Center, speaking with W. T O P people in the Gulf Coast region are preparing for all that water. The city of New Orleans is expected to avoid the worst of the storm. But officials there are still warning residents to be prepared The mandatory Evacuation. It remains in place. We're not letting any guards down at all. Forecasters expect Sally to eventually weaken into a tropical storm and then a tropical depression before moving into Georgia sometime early Friday that CBS News correspondent Skylar Henry in Biloxi, Mississippi. Oregon's governor is seeking additional federal assistance.

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