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Guy. Jesus was actually walking around and He was turning a lot of hades I just i got a ball out at at. I got a i got a serious fucking ball out at at jesse and jesus doing his thing. Blessing us With his presence. And there's Some of the in reaction. I was talking about ego. brian cage. Christopher daniels Angelico isaiah cassidy Of a private party right here. You guys don't even see bryan cage. Let me There you go brian cage. We saw him walking around a couple of times to What you see of. Brian cage on tv and in photos. It does not do justice. That dude is fucking eugene. I mean he is my personal pan. He's bigger than drew mcintyre. And you know. Drew mcintyre is a big boy. Especially if you've seen drew mcintyre person he's bigger than fucking Drew mcintyre dude. Fucking huge man Here show you guys yet. I took i took some pretty damn good picks Honestly sunny kiss Ricky starks for the f. T. w. Championship pretty good. It's actually a pretty damn good match. Will hobbs at one point trying to interfere. Our air words was real quick. Throw his ass out. sunny kiss. damn good match. Damn good match against Ricky starks by the way speaking of championship belt sabas blown and apparently they had at one point a bunch of rock wrestling titles At the shop where you could get you know anything. triple-whammy related photos from doc wore dark order things of that nature men titles many disappeared so fast it wasn't even funny I saw told you guys earlier. Saw caesar bernini. I actually had saw peter avalon I think peter avalon was actually on our lovers couple of guys who is actually on our level i ran into peter avalon in my corridor hallway as he was making his way to his room. I want to say and I saw him and i said to him. Hey man what's up with your brother. He's like oh nothing much. Say hey good match out there. He's like thank you He was good he was he was pretty damn good i gotta say he's pretty damn good. Nice guy. Nice guy ryan. ms was pretty nice as well. I started to say something to ryan but he had like a circle of people that were around him on. I wasn't trying to make him feel 'cause econo- economy came off to me like he didn't mind talking. Bud he kinda wanted to be about his way already so i just quietly kept it moving along in you know in. Want to try to bother him. Cococabana fans were actually channing. Seon punk during co cabanas entrance. I felt so bad for the guy seriously. I felt really really bad for to see what else we got here. Yeah this was. This was an okay. Majerus kinda quick though janet. The ambrose i think taking on abidine was a pretty good match. Don's gotten smaller hasn't she. I mean she's gotten really really small man. I'm only gonna show you guys just a couple more Just a couple of more images and then will pretty much will pretty much call it like right. Now i'm seeing. I got about two hundred and three like total images that includes videos like a see two hundred and three items that i could show you guys. I'm already at seventy five. So let's just say. I ended on one hundred is fair. I think we'll just end it on one hundred and as i'm showing you guys these images Look i think through cruise you know. It was going forward to got to tighten up on the lines Especially the whole check in process. They've got a really tightened up on all of those things. I know some people are gonna be looking at the lineup for the crews and they may say oh man this is cruise fucking man. We're we're where's the stars. Where's the what the fuck. And if you want my honest opinion they were missing and most of the people that i spoke to. They agreed There's one longtime listener of the rc. W shot did not find out Until after the cruise was frigging over that they were on a cruise as well. And had i known now we would've been hanging out for sure. But even they had said and they were pretty excited for the cruise eight. They had a great time but even they had told me privately that you know. Hey yeah it would have been nice. If we would have gotten eddie kingston if we would have gotten a moxley If we could have gotten adam cole or young bucks yeah really would have been nice. How we got them But maybe the next cruise right like yeah. Probably but i thought for what they were able to put together and everything. I thought they did a pretty good. Yeah here was my vantage point. Pretty much during not only fosse performance but also When they w in ring action was going down on what was that. What was that. Friday was a friday night or was saturday. It was the of your all friday night or saturday night. My my days are kinda mixed up. You guys got to forgive me. Yeah i took some some really good vantage point shots. Here of the banff forman pretty good see. See what you guys are seeing so far. Okay so yeah a little bit of cut off there but it's all good. I'm going to let it fly. Might not look pretty. but that's okay on lawns. You guys are able to see. That's the important thing here. So you got about nine more images. I can show you guys you know but i would say to. Anybody has thinking about going on a cruise. Such as this. I would say you know do it. If you are aid of fan go forward if you are a Wrestling fan and themed events like this is.

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