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And that kind of emotional personal touch that comes with it um and really making making our guest feel like they're part of this like they're part of what we're doing in they see what we're doing and they're able to feel unser here know at everything from our diamond memory nights which is cycle local we do a monthly movie night one the season starts the hit and everyone to take that by the pool and its makes the bike club the gas than they they enjoy movie poolside or whether it's our local monthly market or whether it's any of the events other events that have lined up um i think he'll be released citing to see more people start to hear about what we're doing uh more than just the hotel i want the composition of arrived be that we're we're creating these experiences and they want to come here for the experience not just for the hotel bomb that's what i want them to hear about first before anything else aside from the beautiful rensma beautiful property i really love how he was saying you know how important it is to you as a brand that you want being too exclusive all away from the culture of the city because i think got to such an important communications and then just for low of people who work in the industry to really concentrate on that the people in and not to create any divides between like a luxury accommodation via nafta swear who i mean we're all about being open open arms and all we want to be open to the community and open to the public hence the reason why our polls open to the public on it really crates that there is no stigma between us in the neighborhood and there are surrounding neighbors no people are welcome to this walk in in a timely jizan enjoy the facilities and enjoy experience com converse with the gas in the locals and like i mentioned to share stories get to know each other of get to know the city through our locals ice gets no augusta.

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