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They've like competed to make them more. Efficient makes the best pouch. Who makes the quickest subject. This this is the damn dude and you know what my favorite line always wasn't. I defend all you guys to the death with this would brands like you. Go to a boot like navy seals. Use it motherfucker. Anybody that is the worst statement ever come out of a booth. What of the navy seal proved. Yeah you i've not gone by anything. Carbon fibre any poach. Anything nylon that. Somebody hasn't said to me. We don't understand we're talking to the seals. I'm like they can use anything. They want retard. It doesn't matter like you take any platform in just because bush added efficient at it like it's muscle memory and it doesn't matter you think it like that tenth of a second when the when the bolster flying you don't really you're not about muscle memory. How quick say me. A quarter of a second perfectly laser. What did you think of the statement when it wasn't glover who came out with it was it was who what was it What the medal of honor. What's his face. What's his face. The one who had the kid with. What's her face. I don't know what is his name. He's friends who crispy what's his name. the middle kid. He was married to the governor's daughter. Or whatever a with governors vlaska. Oh he won a medal of honor. Who know teen pregnancy this but it was. It was a kid after was after. What's his face. The medal of honor guy. Can you get up or the the kid was it dakota meyer so he drinks too much truly. He came up with us. He came out with statement. So i'll i'll say it while you're here. He came up with a statement. That was like you know. Very anti loppers in the gun business and all this stuff and i like to like i don't i don't think that he meant it by this but like it came off really bad and it was like he doesn't understand in this business. You're trying to make money off everybody. You're trying to make a living off everybody and he made it sound like only special forces navy seals. That know everything. There is to know basically came off that way. I know he didn't mean we all know that wasn't what he was trying to say. But it came off bad. And he took shit for it. And i think some of the misconception. Is that when you get into this business. If the money's green you're trying to do business and it's a different animal and people want to from the side especially that's why it's interesting to see what what your thoughts are. They wanna come into it like you only need to be this kind of person to participate in this industry. And that's one of the things that's going to hurt the most. Yeah absolutely. i think it's it's just any like any other thing politics or the gun industry. Whatever industry it is. It's going to take everyone that has a difference of opinions working together and moving it forward. It's funny that that that's how you feel about it. Because i always say that when we're talking about politics but you don't see that in the fitness community now that there's not as much let me put it this way and this is a good conversation. Get into guys. Yeah there's there's not as much dick measuring at the entry level of of fitness. Meaning like jujitsu. If you if you step on the man jujitsu everybody's like oh man. This is great. You know you're new and they love that because they could probably choke cutthroat little bank. It's gotten a little better when it was garage level..

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