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If you show up one hundred million or something close to that it's going to be very difficult for Borussia Dortmund, just saying, no, especially if the guy wants to go home, you know, he's kind of proven his point in two years in Germany finely, Rafael Veron, lots of talk that he could be leaving ram Madrid's it and came out and said he has said nothing to me. I wanted to stay things can happen in life. But he looks good to me imports thing is what he says to me, and he is currently the best club in the world. He's won a lot hair. Not macgyver leaving the summer. I got the number low down. I have the number at around three for the time being also because we've not had any indication at all from Verana or people or indeed sedan. You know, I this to me smells, like something contractual Madrid of a lot of older players a lot of guys long contracts. They want to move out for the rebuild possibly. But I don't see why Veran would would necessarily be one of them. They've signed town. I think is a tremendous defender. But you know, he's still very young. So to me verandah appears to be the bridge between Ronaldson town. Meanwhile, big wait for Gava's. He is allowed to rotten article with the senior writer Mark oakton over on the website to discuss whether or not it would benefit just United getting rid of the seas. Came out heavily critical of Cardi of two inches of the weekend. Just left him. How the team, of course. And here's just a little taste of what you have to say. You must have respect behaving locker room of left plays out for for less than my time into a lot worse games than this with for years into the into the Champions League with a khadi with all due respect. It's messy not Accardi who makes the difference. So then today just today. Four eight hours after saying that looking at the game against Genoa comedy will start tomorrow the table his tights results on aided in the context of all team at these worth moulder messy, and we're now put together. Is going on in spill lettuce. Head gab. Nobody knows. I mean, you all -ssume that he was the one who was a little bit on Hanjin inconsistent in his thinking at the club. Well, guess what? He's got good company in the form of his manager. When he came out. I you guys know the time before he decides to drop because of the or he got the obviously goes away. There's this weird ago. She was the team to sort of figure out how he's gonna come back t the the clubs say, okay, fine. You can come back and train you trains, her six days spaghetti drops from the lots game at the weekend. I'll stents because he didn't apologize in front of his teammates after the game. All you have to say if you're lettuce say, look he's out. That's it. It was one game. He'll be back which is apparently made all along. But no, we opened the can of worms goes into taxi out of the we know is a sensitive soul to begin with. And now this he goes. He doesn't one hundred eighty degree turn in the opposite direction. I can tell you this. If you're inter as a club, you're not happy with this. Because you've got a manager who you have a centre forward, we've got major issues. But then you got a manager who seems to to go and sort of enjoy pouring gasoline on the fire at every turn. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a word with him in between. And now he's gone totally in the other direction where we're suddenly the context of ink did Monica these worth more than than Messier Rinaldo combined. I don't know what to think. I mean, the guy's wandered off the reservation. Just to remind this stuff for you to enjoy. I'm gonna use. I won't say Google you too. ESPN f c channel plenty of of ain't got up on previous bachelor suites. Plus an extra time is all this extra time because we're getting kicked out studio because we have run long because everything that's been going on leave your lovely coalmines below. Lovely positive back tomorrow..

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