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We're back. I'm Carl Franklin that's rich Campbell. And that's clear Sudbury, and we're talking about teaching learning fun things we'd like to do fun things that tickle our brain. And we got off on this on this tangent. And it's a great one. We can still go there. Or if you've got something else that you wanna talk about. We'll just pick it up. Special behind joked about which seemed to get very passionate about is what I call. So I I have now created this thing, I call the stupidity manifest, Doug. Good writing that my whole life people east say Mike cool to action as let's stop making each other feel stupid. It's not let's not it's not very much. No, it's explicitly not let's stop being stupid. Because actually, we're all stupid. And that's fine. If you don't feel stupid as a programmer, you're not working hard enough. Really? Yeah. And we all feel stupid, and we all have these insecurities, and we're all waiting for the next time that somebody makes us feel stupid rounds tells us that something we've done is stupid where low on tissue painting those times, and the reason we're on page in them is because we just see them little all around us. And I think that this industry is really bad full being very judgmental and critical of our is. So for instance, the example, I gave is I've many many many times had a colleague comeback from interviewing somebody look at not actually because we Dot get C JJ. J to intervene. But other places I've worked that come back from having interviewed somebody, and they say, can you believe just interview this developer didn't know about. Wchs. Am I supposed to know? What is the generation come to right? That person. Yes. Okay..

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