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And then this one I thought was crazy 'cause it really ties in Texas and you've lived in Texas. Do you know the number one food in South Dakota? Under one st any said it goes with Texas yet. Because this is not a thing that was known to me East Coast Guy. Until they got the Texas but I don't know why. It's number one in South Dakota, but it's also in Texas. Do you notice Nope, collages? Colosio I haven't seen a single clutch up here on the internet said so. The Internet doesn't lie there, sister. took. And as you know in Texas, Karachi's are everywhere, they are. Trivia for you, okay? Okay, once I do know this about South Dakota and I figured. This is the one you're gonNA give me okay. What. Is, the center of the nation but town. If I had to guess in. This is off. My jere graphical genius. High School Educational Making Shit Up Grammar School. Knowledge I would say the middle of the country would have to be. Topeka Kansas. It is not the spinner. The Nation is actually in South Dakota war. How? Accounts with Canada. That's cheating. It's south foods has have you ever been the Canada? As the what do you think, candidate? I like it. Right Hey. Canada I love Canada I think it's a I think there's great people everybody I've met from kind of have been great people so I. I'm jealous that you live in South Dakota County. I've lived then I. Kind of like twelve or thirteen different states here in the United States. South. Dakota's never even been an option. Maybe one day I will end up there. I definitely will come to visit. We would love for you to come. visit us like you have another cities. We've always kind of met up at some sort of way. I know you are a huge sports fan. I know you've always been athletic. I know when I met you in Houston. You were a big into volleyball, or are you still doing any athletics of? Nope, not at all appears pretty rule. Okay so I thought you were going to say that. So have you learned like Lhasa? Wing and roping and have you got into? Have you got it in the rodeos shop? I want you to get into the Rodeo. DISLIKING COME TO HOUSTON WATCH thirty. No, no I want you like barrel racing or were a not lama tying. Do you have llamas? Are Llamas a farm animal. They can you have a chicken? I do have chickens. What is the difference between a chicken in a hint? One lays eggs. One does not I don't know. But what do you mean you don't know you live on a ranch? There's the. I don't know all this information you put me on the spot at the ranch have a name. Is it like double diamond ranch? Like what is it? No office three inch. What Your Guy's name? Now can you tell mount? We need a ranch name I. We need something like I. Don't know why I said double diamond, but that just sounds good. That needs to be something like that like when you come up here, you can name it. Okay, and I could stay in the bunk house with all the ranting ends. Oh! Something like that. Well listen, thank you so much for all your support and I wanNA. Thank your mother CH- again for her continuous feedback. I thoroughly enjoy everything that she tells me I hope. She listened to this episode and gives you some feedback. You did a wonderful job and I can't thank you enough for being on ten items or less make sure everybody checks me out at ten items or less on facebook, instagram and Ashley stay safe out there in the in the ranch world. I well, thank you as great talking to you. It was it was always good catching up with you, and we will circle back at some point time and I'm going to hang up with you and I'm GonNa get on I guess. I would say southwest and see if I could fly to South Dakota. Will, be there soon. Talk to you soon. Bye. allowed..

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