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Mark Caesar. Marcus in middle. School's principal abruptly resigned wants new leadership to come in to bring quote healing to the campus. Murchison principal. Brad Clark has sent word to parents. He's stepping down citing challenges that the school has faced Clark says new directions in the best interest of everyone. However, Clark doesn't mention any specific challenges in that letter. But it's time at the helm has been marred by some big issues in the past several months, including numerous fights, kid snorting, candy on campus and most recently to Murchison students who were arrested for allegedly stabbing to death and Anderson high school student school officials are hosting a meeting for parents tonight, Patrick Osborne. Newsradio KLBJ Tex dot is putting an end to its cleanup efforts of those homeless camps that pop up under the highway overpasses now city council member and kitchen says the city will have to take over that job turned necessary. But that is not a long-term solution. A long term solution is places for people to be while we connected to services. She tells CBS Austin the same. Cleanup crews currently working with text dot will now start working with the city of Austin, the Texas Senate, here's from former city councilmember Ellen trucks, clear on this issue of taxes told the Senate committee on property taxes. The Bill would give voters the final say on any tanks change that increase revenues by two point five percent while this isn't a tax cut like some would prefer. She says looking out one year alone might not give you headline story of savings over the next ten or twenty years. Austin Knight's would save thousands of dollars under what they would oh under current law. So this is a property tax restraint bell prosecutor says the rollback rate was only pushed to eight percent in nineteen Eighty-one specifically due to high inflation. She says it's time to bring it back down. John Kelly, NewsRadio KLBJ overhead to improve public schools begins with lofty goals higher. Education has a goal. Sixty percent of college age kids, having some sort of post high school degree by twenty thirty. Now, the Texas commission on public school finance wants a similar plan for K through twelve Dallas Commissioner Todd Williams. We set it right or wrong. At sixty percent of all kids are meeting the state standards and proficiency each a high hurdle. Especially for some kids are low income kids are roughly half of that goal, and our English language learners or roughly one third of that goal if we really want to focus on again, this is highlight which populations that we might wanna think about investing our money more significantly in at the capitol. Chris FOX, News Radio KLBJ..

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