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Yeah and that's and that's how I think a lot of the list works is is super famous director right. Yeah working with his favourite actors as worked with before who probably. Hey this is like this. is their finale man. This is the last movie they can put out If you you were on one character in the film grant who do you think you would be as you krant farmer. Oh Crazy Joe scruggs. I remember it got hit. He's like the guy who did not give a fuck we remember. WHO's the one they? They killed his family family. They killed him when he was like in a diner and little died. Fill them. Yeah okay his name is crazy. I know remember like he had. Yeah no formalities. Like he made fun of Russell May Have Russ Like a big. Yeah at the Comedy or the award show her nose the comedy event. Jesus Christ Jesus So on on the Queen Badges. Movie Watch did you have. Did you ever character in mind for me. Yeah AH number one Jimmy Hoffa like I just. I've had I had flashbacks stubbornness fuck Oh yeah. He's so bucking governor governor. I feel like I've reenacted that scene in real life with you China. Call you on the phone and get you to like. I don't know do something. Come back doing it not doing it. It is it is what it is but it's funny because like map me watching in our like your fucking idiot vision killed. He's like go. You know how much shit I have on them like. He's like no. He's like what reads things like. They wouldn't dare the dare you basically where he he was just like. It's it's my union or something grant. It's it's my bag it's my. It's my house I so I thought that was you know I'll take that. Yeah it's not a bad thing I would I would Put You as Russ Probably Russ I like Since you're you're like yeah you're like the wise guy a lot of things like yeah you know about things but you're always calling collected. You always like this this is ah you know this is how we do it we got it is what it is against. So it's gotta be argue if anything else now but that was You you know this was the one of the First Times Quinn. Quinn's always always on on my ass. He's like grant while unless you fuck and watch the movie during the weekend time Slot fucking Washington and it was good but like dude that was. It's not like a waste of my weekend. It's only unlike back time. They'll be fine but like dude so well. This is my weekend started like seven. You had ten thirty imagine that Oh well I guess that's a bigger question to real quick before we end is that did you watch it in one sitting. I did Tam Chick. I peed more times than I can count five or six times I did sober to wasn't drinking was was just watching it. I think I paused it to like more food. All all the borough street through when you took wedgewood which you do thirty minute tape days it was like a warm up just to get it down from three and a half so maybe a two and three hundred dollars a big push to get down to. I don't know I can do this. Yeah now we are all one. And that's another thing. I I think you know this this is this is a scorsese. He probably had so much liberty because it didn't have to make money in the box office right like gets paid ahead of time so he has He has all the liberty to make whatever film he wants. And like. Honestly this is a pretty pretty good film. Say Four. Yeah it's not bad. Add Not Trashing Scorsese to the Wall Street. Yeah that movie was fought movie. I'd like that was three wash it. It wasn't that long to is three hours. Yeah Dang I watched that in a theater a two that was But like see like I I'd like I really like Scorsese. And how he. He is all historical goal stories as telling he feels the need that they need to be told right He. He's like Oh these need to be told and then he creates them in creates a story. That's that's what we were talking about before I was like no one fucking makes original shit anymore. All right the dude. He's telling a story that hasn't been told you know when you're talking about Jordan Belfort or you talk about Jimmy Hoffa like that's cool. I like that. What you're gonNa tell me some fucking badland all right now? Oh that's DC some fucking cast-iron man can shit yet. Some Iron Shit like why it's fiction. I mean but it's not even on a fiction is fiction. Someone else wrote for you and now I can't we really feel. Yeah my boyfriend. My friend was stalking me about this. And and They had apparently they they had determined the whole ending for avengers like years before like they they knew how many movies that were taken by Blah. They had it all planned out and like the due to came up with that is very smart. He's genius breeze a businessman. He's not fucking arse. It's like we're going to have all these fucking films and then all these these stupid sheep are going to be like. Oh that that was such a good is like series of films I was like all the endgame like noted so hard like dude. It's just a make money versus someone who you know has a story to tell. WHO's this guy? He's calling everyone sheep. Let's think to WHO determine German. How how the event? Like this of Raiders. Directory Screen screenwriters every everyone in the room. Get each seat. Yeah I duNNo. It's Oh we'll get to those movies eventually. Maybe I I know of. I've seen some clips with the Russo brothers who directed I know at least game and they seem to talk about it pretty intelligently only and I don't know they're they're good they're good at what they do. Okay okay. That's a story for another day. What they do is making money money? All right great. What is it time grant? That's it yeah it's time it's time for the Gene Q. Patented Review or we decide whether the true rating of the film was over under the IMDB rating and the Irish twenty nineteen. We're sitting at. I doubt it's her that one. It's a eight point one. The two seven five one eight one eight once you cross eight boundary like back. You know this is going to be the rain be lower than some five. Honestly yeah seventy five tops just because like dude six eight fucking hire or a better editor man down. Yeah it's like a like it was weird because cinema. You don't want it as as what I'm saying saying right now you know like my criticisms about the ventures. It's like it's it's a hard balance to meet. Is You want it to be entertaining. But it's not entertainment. It's still art. You still want it to be an art form. So you don't want to cut it down and and make it just like short and choppy just to straight you know like like food. Entertainment food like all Kabul. This up this is good. I had those those. Do you want to like hit with you. In a way you want to be critical about eight and and move you a little bit But still I I don't know if this intelligent intelligently edited or not what I felt like it dragged on too long and unnecessarily right you got to convey a message in the end and if you're I don't know if you rain essay and even though you're a great writer he's right right right right right right right right and you claim everything is necessary. This is airy. That's that's a good. I really like that analogy. Though because there are authors for instance. What's the guy the Russian Russian offices? No Man what's it calls.

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