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The bridges spin move in the paint photos all the way down so good three nine comes down to Michael Porter junior he has it across a timeline shovel pass overhead and Gomez watch allows fast the paint the I don't know how he threaded the needle on that would look like this could be picked up but that doll got it through it five point lead now for the Denver Nuggets I love side is the Mante Graham through the window to Billy hand and Gomez does it in the corner of the bacon bacon back on top to Billy back on the left side now it's over the bridges back pass we threw it away steel for Michael Porter junior he has a different portal to Monte Morris in a three short no good rebound flag with a down the bridges Alec pass off loaded abbante Graham Beasley's in the game now for Denver in little block bridges as adults at home with new ball gets away from the nuggets in the back court hears of the referees will retrieve it not good sleep down to three two or three times now the nuggets of business at three and I haven't been able to match up soon enough but Charlotte easy will Dante Moore says that it's a touch valve on Rosier boys up was aware by veteran official Billy Kennedy and that'll be Denver basketball aside here I haven't seen a leak these in a couple games Kaz and he's the P. T. tonight's EP could make a difference with no Kyrie here's tonight figured he probably would Beasley looks in throws it in on top to Mason Plumlee hands up behind in the Michael Porter junior he goes to the left hand gets down to the base line through the legal bills leans in life good many could just find out store wow he showed it on the strong side and delivered on the weak side her name has had no answer defensively five point lead for amber rose here has inside the articles on it catches go bridges settle with the right well what he giveth on one and he'd taken from the other across the time line is spontaneous force as of the midcourt circle throws it off and go as he drives his brother for a day it was blocked and then his brother kinda mean but it's a little bit in the corner Rosier for three that was short black could rebound bridges he put it back up miss that three nine comes down to launch your outlook pass off over the week Beasley Beasley has a high left side gets over to Mike for three stand up and recognize on Michael Porter junior five of six shooting is the first in the game in double figures out eleven bacon does it over to the font a grant for three that was good I got a right back is first make on the night this nugget defensive unit the second team has got to be better too many open looks I love site is Monty Morris more started out there by Rosier get to pick from Michael Porter juniors got the hot hand pick and roll bike as it leaves in lay up well room we've given it a little plaques but she's got the flicks we thirteen points for thousand but to a historically good defender and and one free throw for Michael Porter junior's third one of those in the game and he knocked at home thirty eight to thirty two is the score not it's needed by six Mike this eight points in a role hands fourteen big ones and just only played eighty eight minutes Billy Han and Gomez over the two counts against the grain to pass any throws it away loose ball comes down the blue Beasley's heat the feet Michael Porter junior Beasley troubled office lake it's over on top to Mason Plumlee the only trouble hand off over the border for another three he's a thirty two junior has seventeen points in minutes it's just everybody off given them each a all my goodness we got a time out call by Charlotte we're back in a moment on the altitude radio network.

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