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Twenty twenty two is that correct. Yes and they're all kinds of issues right now. That could even throw that clock off england. County cova is running rampant. The hospitals are jam packed. Right now there's been some discussion although not any formal decision move. The trial day So while those dates have been said and judge walmsley wants to keep them. There's a possibility it could be continued all right now page. Let's set for our audience. The charges let's begin with the mcmichael's what are their charges. Well in state court. They are all three facing murder charges. Malice murder felony murder and then the underlying felony offenses of aggravated assault and false imprisonment For their attempt to restrain detain and eventually kill ahmad arbor. And we should note. Page the mcmichael's and brian. They have remained detained throughout this whole time. Correct yes they have. It is not at all uncommon to remain in jail pending trial. If you're charged with murder in georgia. I thought there was a possibility that they could be released. A given their lack of any criminal history The circumstances of this case being a little bit different than More the traditional murder cases we see in the courthouse in glenn county but the judge denied bond for all of them so yes. They're detained and page. There's been another major development here as relates to an indictment amil. Let you pick it up from here. Sure the former district attorney and brunswick. Jackie johnson was indicted in glenn county by the attorney general's office on basically to charges. One is a felony offense for violating her oath of office. And basically the attorney general is saying by showing favoritism to the mcmichael's by denying fairness to the armory family. She violated her public oath of office when she became a district attorney. She swore treat people fairly and would due process and the attorney general says she didn't. The second charge against her is a misdemeanor. But i actually think it's the stronger charge and that's obstruction of the officers. What happened according to what we've heard reported and what some of the witnesses have said is that when the officers appeared on the scene to talk to the mcmichael's about what had happened. They reached out to the district attorney's office and jackie johnson. Either personally or through. Her deputies informed the officers not to arrest the mcmichael's or specifically greg mcmichael And the attorney general is saying by doing that. She obstructed those officers in the lawful discharge of their duties. They don't work for jackie. John's they worked for the glenn. County police department so when she stepped in asserted herself and told them what not to do. That could be a car and page. What do we know about jackie. Johnson's response well. I know she's denied the charges. And something you guys may not know..

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