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Al I am. I got out of say you are awesome and just so cool to just come on here and I know that you in Lala had some Bandra pomp drama. But you know what that's behind us and I just want people to get to know you because you know. I don't know you that well but I know James obviously for a long time now and. I just think that I can't tell you how excited I am for you to be here and for me and everybody to kind of get to know a lot more about you so. I just want to thank you amazing. Thank you now. I'm excited to be here talking to you guys too so you said earlier like you get you. Get nervous doing podcasts. And you know last year during the reunion you have told us that you struggle or have struggled with anxiety and things like that. What is it like for you coming on? You know you you met James and then you just became a personality on reality TV nine. I'd call myself a person who I know. You're definitely a person I will. I will say rick out this season watching. You has been pretty epic. You've gone toes. I've already told you this when we've had our phone conversations like you handle yourself with grace and poise. I wish I could do that. Unfortunately I'm cut from a very dingy cloth but you know we let that just let it go but what is it. What is it like for you to like watch yourself on TV when you you know you were model model like when you film what is your mindset? It really weird watching myself on TV. I don't particularly enjoy it. That makes two of us. Were Cal. Trust me two of us. Oh my gosh is that were really like what am I doing right now with my face And I guess it makes me more aware of you know your Gestures or anything. But I'm filming in. General is definitely an anxiety induced time. Because I do get anxious and nervous just about talking and general growing up I n class. I like always the quiet one always a while. Teachers had wow like. I'm obviously not surprising.

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