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Iheart radio app. New Hampshire records its first flu death this season. The victim reportedly an adult from Cheshire county the state bureau of infectious diseases says they're starting to see significant increases in flu like illnesses. More than sixty schools in the granite state reporting students absence due to flu like symptoms and experts say it is still not too late and still the best policy to get a flu shot luxury resort canyon. Ranch in the berkshires facing a one million dollar lawsuit. A woman spending a spa weekend at the lenox spot says she suffered an allergic reaction after being served a veggie burger that contained cashews she's allergic to nuts. The woman says she went into anticlimactic shock broke out in hives got sick in the back of an ambulance. No comment from canyon ranch. State Representative Paul mcmurtry, not mincing his words in a strong denial of accusations of his involvement of inappropriate conduct. An investigation now underway at the state house after house speaker Bob deleo says he was tipped off by four lawmakers of this issue during a cocktail party welcoming in new legislators it happened last month. And in a statement of Boston's NewsRadio mcmurtry says, the accusations are absolutely positively unequivocally. Not true eighteen twenty nine degrees in Boston nothing but clouds to Queen Elizabeth's husband involved in. A car crash in rural England the story from CBS's Matt piper. He wasn't hurt. But ninety seven year old Prince Philip was involved in a car crash near as a state about one hundred miles north of London. The rains wherever he was driving overturned Barack asleep. Queen Elizabeth's husband was not hurt in the accident at all police say the Royal was pulling out of a driveway onto the road when the accident occurred. It has a lot of people asking why does it the ninety seven year old let someone else drive them around piper? CBS news.

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