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This message comes from NPR sponsor IBM smart is open open is smart IBM is combining their industry expertise with with the open source leadership of Red Hat. Let's unlock the world's potential let's put smart to work learn more at IBM DOT com slash red had had this is Stephen Chapel I am a college journalism instructor in I along with more than sixteen hundred other college student journalists and their advisers are attending the National College Media Convention in Washington DC where the inimitable Nina Totenberg is about to grace us with wit knowledge and wisdom the three fifteen pm on Monday November fourth things may have changed by the time you hear this keep stuck with all of NPR's political coverage on NPR dot org on the NPR one APP and on your local public radio station all right here's the show I can think of no better word for Nina Totenberg than inimitable hey there it's the NPR politics podcast cast. I'm Susan Davis I cover Congress Detrick campaign and I must follow they also cover the campaign another Democrat has exited the presidential race former Texas Congressman Vito Rourke and it is campaign on Friday after we take the podcast and he did it in the most beto way possible the ball yeah in a medium post where else <hes> he wrote that it is clear to me out that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully which Osma something that we were talking about much more blunt than other candidates who have been trying to do last minute fundraisers and things like that he just said we don't have it anymore to me sort of this amazing story of his his meteoric rise I mean we all remember when I entered the campaign where he raised like six million dollars the first day and then how quickly his fortunes faded he was also the vanity did you know cover of Vanity Fair he had come out of the two thousand eighteen campaign he lost his senate campaign to Ted Cruz but had been sort of one of the rockstar candidates of the cycle the rising star are tag was on him and he was like the echoes of the race right he flew high big dramatic Afri- and then just tumbles that six million dollars in the first day the last two quarters here's the three month period that we measure campaign fundraising in in neither of them to be raised as much money over a three month period as he raised that very first day in the race okay so we should note go yesterday marked the one year point from Election Day twenty twenty and normally we would probably be consumed with these one year out reporting stories but the one story that that Washington can't stop talking about impeachment because if the House impeaches president trump by the end of the year which we increasingly believed they will do that means it would trigger a Senate trial almost immediately and that is a big deal in two thousand twenty because as Scott you reported very clearly there are six candidates running running for president who will also be jurors in the trial of president trump and maybe it's worth just running through all the remaining senators in the race and that seventeen percents lease field so you've got Elizabeth is with Warren and Bernie Sanders at the top of the polls you've also got Kamala Harris Amy Klobuchar and cory booker who had been spending a lot of time in Iowa specifically feel like they have the ground organization they need to get back in the race and then you have Michael Bennett. He hasn't been on the debate stage for a while but he's still running for president now all these people want to see impeachment happened they've been calling for it for for a while but they're about to get what they want most likely and that is going to be a huge problem because an impeachment trial could last week's it could be six days a week according into Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and if you are a US senator you are a juror in the impeachment trial your presence is mandatory and that means you cannot campaign Hayne you cannot go to Iowa in maybe the weeks leading up to the race which is just a crazy notion that's clearly never happened before so I made a lot of phone

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