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Make sure you check out that while owing gilly million dollars worth of game podcast with carmelo anthony needle Also talks about being suspended by david. Star david stern suspend me out of everybody fifteen games. Everybody else got like six game seven game and i will speak to. Why you why you do me like that man. You rap sheet you wanna be you want to be an nba corporation. Now i know who you wit. I know you live at. I know where they live at. I know you close your eyes. I know you were when you wake up. And i know what they doing. He's telling me. I know i know what they're doing either. Tell them to stop or you got to cut them off. And i'm like damn like how like. That's what i knew. Nba was what. What do you suspend if i don't remember. Remember why he got into. Maybe when he punched down when he ran in points. That dude duty points. I don't i don't know what he was like. Oh i don't know what you're talking about in that context remember when he points that dude which one who did carmelo anthony points iago real quick and he playing with the nuggets missy was it. Was it new. Let me see. Nba brawler garden. Nixon nuggets he played with planned for the nuggets. Then hulu points. Carmelo anthony collins collins in the face..

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