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Thirty degrees outside we have with us, Mike Dunn of Michael Edward. Donovan historian extraordinary. Amino him also is a longtime Boston community, which he continues to do. In fact, this Saturday he will be at headliners the week after that lots of laughs, the China bless. Yeah. So headline is a Manchester then you'll China blossom in north Andover. Saturday again, Saturday, eight o'clock in Manchester, Manchester next week, lots of laughs in north Hanover. But my true passion is history. And he is very good at it. As in his written a bevy books as they say about it. And we've just been talking about various interesting stories and anecdotes that that Mike is dug up. And his exhaustive research covering most every era of American history, and beyond and you have a story you said about Coronado as we're talking now about the Spanish and the pre pilgrim times in in the like in in the Americas was about the mad Turks guys one of my favorite characters of history. The mad Turks. I don't think you've mentioned him. I haven't reporters you mentioned the seven cities of Sibylla. And that's what Coronado was look, which I might mentioned the first time I was ever exposed to them was a Donald Duck cartoon, but that's really. You got me. So Coronado explores the southwest in sixteen in fifteen forty forty two at the head of a Spanish expedition, and he somehow ends up all the way in eastern, Kansas. They drag him only mercy's in like south, Colorado, you know, southwest and they drag. So why does he ended up in eastern Kansas in this desolate dry area when he's looking for the cities of gold some productive things. He ends up exhausted runs out of provisions. They're out of food. The whole thing goes back a failure. He found this friend. The mad Turk in Pueblo land who explained to him, you know, if we go this way. As far as we can go. There's gold people are washing their hands in gold bathtubs. Everybody's got gold squadron covered. Everybody has there's there's mountains of any really. So this guy drags them nine hundred miles because he's from there people. He's from the Pueblo people. He's trying to protect his people from these brutal Spanish conquistadors now when you call them the Matt Turk. He's just a guy that his name was the mad Turk because he wasn't a Turkish guy that ended up in all right? All right. I know his name is in the in the metric. Okay. Gotcha. Okay. All right. And so they he drives them nine hundred miles off into nowhere and the further current auto goes to no, no, no keep going because the little little oh, you that much closer. And then finally when it dawns on car now that he's been had he has the trick tortured to death. But old those buddy Spanish, but if you're one of his people you love him. The Indian the native American. Yeah. Because he saved maybe he died at peace. Like, I, you know, this is it no else. Get Georgia with this. I did the right thing. I feel good about I took them all away from people where they would have done on. Accomplishment for one human being a lifetime to drag coronado's expedition, the wrong way, nine hundred miles leave it, you know, depleted to the point where he finally returns it's going to be harmless. I always think about the those explorers in that Eram, Mike, so you will use Coronado as an example. So just as an offshoot of his ex addition. Following the mad Turks advice traveled nine hundred miles. What must have been like under those conditions again window roads that were no high waisted were no they didn't have any chartered rivers to know. This was an all done by boat. Most of this was particularly in that part of the world was just schlepping across. Desert's and prairies. And who knows what? And I guess they had horses with them at that point. Right. Brought the horses with to North America. I'm you. But I'm thinking just that alone. How long would it have taken them? What kind of conditions were the enduring traveling nine hundred miles, and that was not the whole expedition that was just a side route it just boggles at how. Driven obsessed. I'm not even sure what is the right word to use. Actor guy. What an act. Oh, the metric. Yeah. What an actor kudos. He did it cost him his life. But Manny saved his people's Johnny Briscoe times five thousand one false move. Great this law kinds of gold just way. Yeah. You just but I just marvelous because of the Spanish I was single and wearing the suits of armor and the helmets and everything else is doing this. And I'm thinking, oh, man. Oh is one. This is what are my favorites? Several times European explorers would duped because native American would come forth with some gold. And they say you got it in the turns out they had picked it off a Spanish abandon ship that crashed on the show, they'd find gold, and then they'd have it. And then when they met the European explorers, they bait them with the same sucker story that at the man Turk. There happened several times they say, oh, yeah. There's all kinds of gold. Come on in and hack them today. I just think of them say it's like fetch boy, fetch here's the sick. Right. Right. And throw the stick that way. Go after the stick and several Europeans were very fooled. Foolishly they fell for it. Like, oh, yeah. Gold. Out of all of those can keep the doors and those early Spanish explorers. Which one are you most impressed with and which one are you least impressed with what should we say? That till at the new I don't really have an answer. Right. That's okay. I I was wondering I you would either have definite answers or not. Think about that. It's a really motley Crue to be sure then itself is another not done Solis. I'm impressed with one soulless and he accomplished he exploited Uruguay. Wow. Yeah. We'll talk about him. Was going to say that wasn't on the list of many of the stops of the original Spanish conquistadors. Wow. Coming up here. Bottom of the hour here. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty as we sneak up on one thirty one eight is thirty degrees outside we have Mike. Donovan in the building dean Johnson sitting in for Bradley Jay here. Jay talking, and we'll give you a weather update and continue the conversation. Just a couple of CBS news update. Former FBI official Andrew McCabe discussed the firing of his boss at events Neurath on sixty minutes among those events. President Trump's TV interview admission that he was thinking of this Russia thing when he fired James Komi and the president's request at the FBI Amblin investigation into its first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Now, an admitted felon put together these circumstances work are facts that indicated that a crime nee have been committed president may have been engaged and obstruction of Justice and the firing of Jim combing discussions of what to do about. It says McCabe included rod Rosenstein, then and still number two Justice deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the White House. He said, I never get searched. When I go into the White House. I can easily wear a recording device. They wouldn't know was there. There are new calls for congress to look into this CBS news update. I'm Tom Foty, osteoarthritis is a term. We all know as most of us feel it every day. This is Dan Rae. We call it, wear and tear on our joints. It's the looseness and pain that I felt in my ankle before receiving a coarser prolotherapy injections from Boston prolotherapy. You might feel the effects of osteoarthritis in your.

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