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Have toe understand that and I think she also has turn down service law. California Democrat Congressman Jackie Spirit Shirk that responsibility. I think the Majority party has the right to take action. Yesterday, Democrats introduced a resolution to remove green from her committee assignments themselves. A man put on trial for organizing the anti Vietnam War protests outside the 1968 Democratic convention here in Chicago, has died. Rennie Davis was one of the so called Chicago Seven activists protest turned violent leading to mass arrests. Um 3000 antiwar demonstrators clashed with police. Davis was convicted for inciting a riot. A judge later overturned the conviction. He was recently featured in the Netflix movie to trial of the Chicago Seven Runny Davis was 80 years old and now with WGN sports Here's David. It live. Bitter cold isn't supposed to arrive till later. But it got a head start of the United Center, where the Bulls were plagued by cold outside shooting and 107103 lost to New York. The Bulls went over eight from three point land in the first quarter and hold for 11 in the third. Zach Lavine 24 for the Bulls, who play without Otto Porter Jr again back spasms tonight. The Blackhawks their home taking on Carolina again and going for a split of the two games. Tonight's game here on W GM, starting with Chris Bones pregame. It's 6 30 Baseball along with bringing back th Nelson Cruz, the Twins ratting reliever. Alex Column A Been the White Sox closer, but left is a free agent, while the Sox were adding Liam Hendriks, King Felix on a minor league contract. That's the story in Baltimore, which is signed former Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez to a minor league deal. Hernandez is 34 the National Women's Hockey League has suspended the rest of its season because of issues with covert 19 2 teams. And already withdrawn David.

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